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New 565bhp, 201mph V12 Vantage S Roadster is Aston Martin's fastest drop-top yet

The potent Aston Martin V12 Vantage S sports car has spawned a new roadster variant, the fastest open-top model ever produced by the company. 

The V12 Vantage S Roadster shares its mechanical make-up with the coupé, so power comes from a mighty 565bhp 5.9-litre V12 engine. The new Aston can crack 0-60mph in 3.9sec and reach a top speed of 201mph, figures that are just shy of the 3.7sec and 205mph of the coupé.

The engine’s torque output is also prodigious, at 457lb ft, and 376lb ft is available from just 1000rpm. Drive is sent to the rear wheels through a race-derived Sportshift III seven-speed automated manual transmission that is supplied by Graziano. 

The adoption of a retractable fabric roof has added 80kg to the kerb weight, taking it to 1745kg. However, that figure is 20kg lighter than the previous V12 Vantage Roadster, produced in 2012. Apart from the roof, the roadster is identical to the coupé.

Adjustable chassis features include Bilstein three-stage adaptive dampers, a three-stage dynamic stability control system and a two-stage ABS set-up, traits that are changeable through selecting one of the three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Track.

A further Sport driving mode is also offered. This adjusts the level of power steering assistance from the Servotronic system, the sound from the lightweight sports exhaust (an exhaust system derived from the One-77), the speed and timing of the gearshift and the throttle response.

Standard equipment includes carbon-ceramic brakes. On the options list are lightweight 10-spoke alloy wheels and an Interior Carbon pack.

Aston Martin’s bespoke Q arm is also offering special exterior and interior colour and trim options.

Watch our video review of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S coupé below.

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Speedraser 18 July 2014

I agree that Aston can't

I agree that Aston can't afford to go it alone. If Aston gets access to much needed tech, but still uses its own bespoke MAJOR components -- platforms and engines -- the connection to M-B could be a great thing. If they use a "version" of M-B engines or platforms -- like what Bentley does with the Conti series and VW/Audi engines and platforms -- it would be a crying shame. Note that the current V8 engine is "derived from" the Jaguar V8, but uses its own Aston-only block, crank, bearings, rods, pistons, rings, heads, valves, cams, etc. About the DB7: it was based on a modified XJS platform, and the 6-cyl cars use a version of the Jaguar engine. That is why, beautiful car though it is, I've never really wanted one the way I do other Astons. To Ford's immense credit, once it saved Aston with the DB7, they then invested the money to do it right and funded the development of the bespoke VH platform, as well as the V8 and V12 engines that are used only in Astons. Astons from the '70s through the Vanquish (1st gen) used various parts-bin stuff for switchgear, but the current cars use very little -- the switchgear is (with a very few exceptions) beautifully done and bespoke. But there is a big difference between using parts-bin switches and using parts-bin engines or platforms, however modified they may be.
Beastie_Boy 17 July 2014

Being a Aston owner I understand why you are passionate...

About an Aston not being an Aston if it were to share some of its DNA with another high end sports car and I respect that. I am merely suggesting that given access to Mercedes' funds, tech, development, etc Aston MAY actually build a better car than they would if they were to continue to go it alone. I admit I don't know as much about Astons as you do but don't they have previous in this field? Wasn't the DB7 very closely related to the Jaguar XK8? Didn't they plunder the Ford parts bin for switchgear? Admittedly, Aston Martins aren't really my bag but I would hate to see them struggle on for the next few years continuely tweaking the same ageing models with vents and spoilers. I hope they do continue to build great cars and if they do get into bed with Mercedes I genuinely hope they build a great car that would meet with your approval, after all, what really gives a marque it's pulse is it's enthusiasts.
cousinbillybob 16 July 2014

The Same....

Line up all the new models released over the last 5 years, and they all look the SAME.....! At least Ferrari have imagination and flair..!
Speedraser 16 July 2014

cousinbillybob wrote:Line up

cousinbillybob wrote:

Line up all the new models released over the last 5 years, and they all look the SAME.....! At least Ferrari have imagination and flair..!

Ferraris are also loud -- literally and figuratively -- and in-your-face. Astons are understated, elegant and classy -- and gorgeous. Look a little more closely -- they don't look "the SAME." It's really not difficult to tell one from another. Great design is enduring and doesn't need to be constantly changed. Astons are still the best looking cars on the market IMO.