British company working on 1200bhp supercar
12 November 2009

British firm Arash is building a new 1200bhp V8 supercar to outgun the Bugatti Veyron, Autocar can reveal.

The car will be based on the forthcoming AF-10, and both will share the same carbonfibre chassis built by EPM Technology, the firm responsible for the Force India F1 car chassis.

While the AF-10 will get a 550bhp Corvette engine the unit in the new car, which is yet to be named, will be a bespoke 7.2-litre V8 with twin superchargers, titanium conrods and forged pistons.

Arash Farboud told Autocar that power will be around 1200bhp and torque will be between a mighty 900 to 1000lb ft, all channelled through the same six-speed sequential gearbox as found in the Zonda F, with paddle shifts behind the wheel.

“The engine is a bit of a bruiser,” said Farboud, “it doesn’t have to be too sophisticated, as long as we can keep it cool and as we have got more power than anyone else then I’m happy.”

Stopping power comes from carbon ceramic discs from AP Racing. Unlike the Noble M600, the car will have ABS and traction control systems.

The carbonfibre chassis takes 100 people 30 days to build and the carbonfibre panels will be made in the same factory.

The final shape has not yet been signed off but it will look different to the AF-10, with a Veyron-style pop-up air brake and active aerodynamics.

“This will be like a two-seater F1 car with a radio,” added Farboud, “it is the most extreme car I can make.”

While the 550bhp AF-10 is expected to hit 220mph, the 1200bhp version is pencilled in for a top speed of at least 250mph.

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Production is scheduled to follow the AF-10, which will be built, from next year.

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12 November 2009

"While the 550bhp AF-10 is expected to hit 220mph, the 1200bhp version is pencilled in for a top speed of at least 250mph."

Demonstrates the laws of diminishing returns.

If the figures are true, I think I would personally stick with the 550bhp model.



It's all about the twisties........

12 November 2009

What happened to the last supercar he was going to build?

Another non-news event

12 November 2009

It is in production as the Farbio isn't it?

12 November 2009

I think Arash needs to learn how to spell though. From their website: "...designed by leaders in theor field..."

12 November 2009

Looks great. But Arash Farboud has already tried under the Farboud namen and that has become Farbio... These small companies rarely succeed, unfortutunately the odds are against it, shame really

12 November 2009


12 November 2009

[quote Lesia44]Pointless.[/quote]


12 November 2009

So the Danes are going to build a 1100hp car, this guy's going to build a 1200hp car, who'll give me 1300? Come on!

12 November 2009

[quote Johnnytheboy]who'll give me 1300? [/quote]


12 November 2009

Like a broken pencil,isn't it?,who, what, where are just three of the questions to be answered before we even get near costs,it's like going back to the 1900's when speed records started, when aircraft engines were stuck in chassis and driven by very brave people, it's shear lunacy to offer this performance for a road car, and what's the profit margin?, is there a profit margin?, a break even point?, no, lets sell these cars to people we never see oe will ever likely to meet, maybe the Sultan of Brunie will buy them all and save us the angst of wondering what it was like,buy all means build them for the super rich, just don't bother to tell us mere mortals about them, like i said, broken pencil.

Peter Cavellini.


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