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Vauxhall's range-extender saloon priced after qualification for goverment grant was confirmed

Vauxhall has revealed that its new Ampera range-extender saloon will cost from £28,995 after it qualified for the government’s £5000 plug-In Car Grant.

The Chevrolet Volt-based Ampera, which will reach UK showrooms in early 2012, will be exempt from London’s congestion charge and VED payments and have a company car tax rate of five per cent.

Nine cars for £5000 EV grantUK 'to take EU lead on EVs'

Vauxhall is claiming an electric-only range of up to 50 miles, with a 1.4-litre petrol engine extending the range up to 360 miles.

A full recharge of the batteries takes under four hours at a cost of around £1 from a domestic 240V socket.

Vauxhall is offering people the chance to become an ‘ePioneer’ by being one of the first to own an Ampera. Those interested can place a £150 refundable deposit on the car at Autocar's first drive of the Vauxhall Ampera

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WooDz 15 December 2010

Re: Ampera from £29k after grant

Forgot to put the apparently in front of a few words.

The point I was trying to make was... The car is not affordable for the intended market. Whatever GM thinks their brands cannot compete with BMW.

jelly7961 14 December 2010

Re: Ampera from £29k after grant

Peanus wrote:
Will be such a shame when Ampera drivers will spend 70% of their time in the old shape diesel Meriva courtesy cars whilst their brand spanking £30k battery is in the garage....

Why should that be the case? If for the most part it runs on electric power alone then there is probably far less to go wrong. electrical motors are inherently sompler than an IC motor. Silly comment
Maxycat 14 December 2010

Re: Ampera from £29k after grant

WooDz wrote:
So the Ampera in the long run will no doubt end up being cheaper to own in respect of all costs involved; insurance, fuel, tax, and initial cost.
I must disagree. The Ampera is twice the price of its competitor the Astra. the £5k grant is limited to a few thousand cars only. For a company car the employee will save on tax costs by choosing an Ampera but why would an employer care about that. The only thing an employer will look at is the lease/purchase cost over the three years or so the company has to pay for. What effect will the employee having to recharge the battery overnight, at the employees expense, against the company saving on paying for the employees fuel have on the decision to buy an Ampera or similar plug in hybrid car. Who knows? It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few years.
WooDz wrote:
the average private owner will be left driving ex-fleet vehicles with used batteries which may cost up to £8000 to replace.
The Nissan Leaf battery costs Nissan $18000 currently, I have not seen any figures as to what Nissan intends charging for replacement batteries or any numbers from GM for the Ampera's battery replacement.