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Naturally aspirated and twin-turbo V8s under evaluation
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14 October 2009

Alfa Romeo is secretly working on a new V8 engine that uses Fiat’s new Multiair valve management system to boost power and cut fuel consumption and emissions.

Alfa sources say it won’t be a large-capacity engine; instead, expect something around 3.0 litres. The firm is working on both naturally aspirated and twin-turbo versions.

The new engine will be the first all-Alfa V8 since the Montreal went out of production in 1977, and is likely to be used in the replacement for the 166.

Alfa is looking at basing this car on the next Chrysler 300C, which would make it rear-wheel drive.

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14 October 2009

A rear drive V8 powered 166. Sounds great

14 October 2009

RWD V8 twinturbo Alfa... That is an exciting prospect indeed!

Let's just hope that Alfa manages to improve substantially on the 300C's chassis, which is quite crude and heavy. And that they don't forget at last to produce another real Alfa V6 as well!

14 October 2009

Hopefully they'll keep their reputation for building charismatic engines and not make it a flat plane crank unit.

This could be a mouth watering and truly desirable proposition if they get it right.

14 October 2009

Let's hope that they fit it to a lightweight GTV. Perhaps they get have access to Jag's alu chassis!

14 October 2009

It wont be the 300C chassis- it's a new chassis developed by Alfa for the 169 and next 300C(and possibly new Quattroporte). The Chrysler deal has finally allowed Alfa this avenue thanks to the economies of scale involved.

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