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Passive dampers for most powerful versions of the Giulietta

The most powerful versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be equipped with passive variable dampers rather the electronic units used on the Mito.

Justifying the decision, an Alfa insider said: "They provide 80 per cent of the performanc eof the electronic dampers for 20 per cent of the cost."

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The Giulietta will be made as a five-door only. It features a Golf-sized rear compartment but a coupe-like roofline and disguised rear door handles (as used on the 147) to enhance its sporting credentials. The shape draws obvious influence from both the outgoing 147 and the new Mito supermini, but it looks more modern than either.

It has the most striking three-dimensional version of Alfa’s shield grille yet, supported by two prominent lower lateral air intakes. The muscular sculpting of the body sides leads to prominent rear haunches, with twin exhausts and a diffuser beneath a rear panel whose LED tail-lights echo shapes pioneered in the 156.

Suspension is MacPherson struts at the front and a new multi-link design at the rear.

Inside, the Giulietta echoes the twin-binnacle, driver-oriented fascia design that Alfas have traditionally used, but with the familiar centre stack replaced with a simplified, lateral panel. The interior uses novel trim textures and body-coloured metal to signify a change from Alfa traditions.

At 4.35m in length, the car is 130mm longer than the Golf or the 147. The 2.63m wheelbase is about 50mm longer than the Golf’s or 147’s, and although its extra length makes it look low, it is 50mm higher than the car it replaces.

Alfa engineers say rear seat space and boot capacity are “the same or bigger” than a Golf’s and that the overall weight is “a little bit heavier” than a comparable 147’s, even though the body-in-white is lighter.

Buyers will be offered three different designs of 16in, 17in and 18in wheel - a thick-spoke design, a multi-spoke and Alfa’s familiar ‘telephone dial’ design.

A range of the Fiat Group’s transversely mounted four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, all turbocharged, will drive the front wheels, ranging from a 120bhp 1.4-litre petrol to a 170bhp 2.0-litre diesel. Later next year there will be a 230bhp Cloverleaf model.

All Giuliettas will eventually be available with Fiat’s Multiair electro-hydraulic valve actuation. And all get automatic stop-start as standard.

The line-up will feature five and six-speed manual gearboxes, but Fiat is working on a semi-auto twin-clutch alternative. The cars will get Alfa’s DNA suspension and engine settings system.


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david RS 12 April 2010

Re: Alfa Giulietta stays passive

[Autocar : "Justifying the decision, an Alfa insider said: "They provide 80 per cent of the performanc eof the electronic dampers for 20 per cent of the cost.]

It's true, it's one of the rules of the productivity.

But, I think it's bad to talk about it.

It must be this rule which was applied to the Mito to save several months of development.

Hope a good Giulietta!

scoch 12 April 2010

Re: Alfa Giulietta stays passive

SO ALFA reckons that this will drop the price then, Im betting not, specing it up on the configurator a cloverleaf version comes out at £30000 plus and it doesnt even have the Mito cloverleaf suspension technology.

ALFA needs to take a long hard look at its pricing structure, when Mito first came out it was 1000 cheaper than the comparable mini, its now £1000 dearer.

ALFA may want to be seen at the forefront of these segments but they must realise that they are the underdog in this fight and people other than the Alfisti want a reason to buy a car now in a very competitive marketplace. For you average punter it will be great to drive and tick the right boxes but its dearer than your average Golf.

Now the Golf may be more boring than Gordon Brown but it has a perceived notion of being a reliable vehicle that holds some value, things that Mr and Mrs Miggins sometimes put ahead of desirability, so if it is cheaper than the ALFA why would people buy the ALFA.

Dont get me wrong, I am a huge ALFA fan but looking at ALFAs Mito advertising, they have some serious issues to address.