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Tuner Brabus has eked over 700bhp from the S600's twin-turbo V12
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12 November 2005

GERMAN TUNER BRABUS has worked its magic on the new Mercedes S-class to create the S V12 S.

Not exactly lacking for power in standard guise, the flagship S600 receives a 722cc increase in displacement, taking the swept volume of Maybach-sourced twin-turbo V12 engine up to a mighty 6233cc.

Other enhancements include forged pistons, reworked cylinder heads with higher lift camshafts, larger turbochargers combined with more efficient intercoolers, a stainless steel exhaust system with a lower back pressure and a reworked ECU.

The result is 719bhp at 5100rpm — a whopping 209bhp more than the standard S600. Torque is claimed to peak at 973lb ft, but this is electronically limited to 811lb ft at 2100rpm to safeguard the drivetrain.

That’s sufficient, according to Brabus, to propel the V 12 S to 62mph in 4.0sec and to 160mph in 11.9sec. Top speed is electronically limited, but instead of the normal 155mph cap the V12 S tops out at 211mph.


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