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Tuner reveals "ultimate-spec" Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS has been tuned to 368bhp and 339lb ft of torque by Graham Goode Racing.

That's 68bhp and 14lb ft more than the standard car, at a cost of £3750 plus VAT for the kit, its fitting and a 12-month, 30,000-mile breakdown warranty.

Graham Goode Racing Ford Focus RS picture gallery

Graham Goode Racing says it has refined the car to produce "a driveable, reliable, yet stunningly rapid fast road upgrade package".

There are no internal changes to the engine; the modifications comprise a carbonfibre cold air induction system, a large-capacity air-to-air intercooler, large-volume fuel injectors, silicone boost hoses, a large-bore exhaust turbo front pipe and sports catalyst, and an ECU remap.

GGR's technical manager Alastair Mayne said the company deliberately restricted the torque gains to ensure the car remained workable.

"Even with the Revoknuckle front suspension and Quaife differential, gaining sufficient traction can be a problem," he said. "Bearing that in mind, we made a conscious decision to limit the engine's torque, although there is certainly more to come from the motor if we wanted it."

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beachland2 24 November 2009

Re: 368bhp Ford Focus RS launched


beachland2 24 November 2009

Re: 368bhp Ford Focus RS launched

A service is a service, you service the car when it needs servicing. It's nothing to worry about. Are you the type of owner who forgets to service?

Anyway the FQ-400 is every 5000miles not 3000miles, we are talking new cars here.

LateKnight 24 November 2009

Re: 368bhp Ford Focus RS launched

Citytiger wrote:
Lets be honest, this is a pointless exercise, if a 2 litre Mitsubishi engine can knock out 400 bph .. (bhp?)

Yeah, but these type of highly strung engines tend to have the lifespan of a small insect if not rigorously serviced. An FQ400 has to be serviced every 3000 miles !