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American luxury GT will appear in show form in 2024; priced from £2 million, targeting 620 miles on each charge

Hennessey has revealed further details about its first electric car, the six-wheeled Project Deep Space grand tourer with a mind-boggling power output and a $3 million (£2.25m) price. 

The outlandish EV – rendered by Autocar above, based on official sketches – will feature a central driving position within a diamond-shaped four-seat layout. 

Company boss John Hennessey said it will be about six metres long and that it should also be the fastest-accelerating four-seater from 0-200mph. 

Work has already begun on the production car, which should be launched in 2026. No more than 105 examples will be made. 

Speaking exclusively to Autocar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Hennessey told Autocar that he had been thinking about EVs for years but always struggled with the weight of sufficiently potent battery packs for brand-appropriate performance. 

“My biggest challenge in my mind for about 10 years before I would let myself think about electrification was the weight. In terms of a proper sports or hypercar, it can’t weigh 5000lb [2267kg],” he said. 

“I kept waiting for battery technology and lighter batteries to come along, but we’re not there yet. Two-and-a-half years ago, I thought: 'What if weight isn’t an issue for our first shot at electrification? What if it's not a hypercar? What if it's not a sports car?'"

Hennessey project deep space side profile scaled

The Deep Space will use a motor for each of its six wheels to get maximum traction. On the decision to implement six-wheel drive, Hennessey said: “I thought that if four electric motors were good, then maybe six motors and six tyres would be. It’s six electric motors with, say, the power potential of 400hp per motor.”

Hennessey wouldn't be drawn on a final power figure but said his team would target a power output of more than 2000bhp.

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He said the car would also allow for a roomy luxurious experience for up to four passengers and a larger battery, thanks to its long wheelbase. 

The presumed output of around 2400bhp would make the Deep Space far more powerful than the Lotus Evija and Pininfarina Battista electric hypercars.

Shell-owned Pennzoil and Cosworth-owned Delta are contributing to development of the Deep Space's powertrain. 

In addition to its incredible power, Hennessey is also aiming for a range of 1000km (620 miles) on a single charge. 

Inside, the Deep Space will feature a diamond-shaped interior with a central driving position. Two passenger seats will flank the driver, with an emphasis placed on leg room. 

“It’s not like a [GMA] T50 or a McLaren F1, Hennessey said. “It’s a properly luxurious car where you can completely stretch your legs out if you’re in the passenger seat. 

“The rear seat is a full lie-flat seat. Our designer coined it VVIP, for a very, very important person. The rear passenger seat is basically a seat that you would have in a Gulfstream jet, with pure luxury.”

Hennessey sketch autocar edit

The Deep Space will go into production in 2026, after a show model makes its debut “within the next 24 months”. The interior is said to be 90% complete.

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“We have our goals and dates, but we have this post-Covid world where suppliers and people can't be predicted. We’re doing all the design in-house,” Hennessey said.

“The next iteration of Deep Space would be a full-scale one-to-one design model with a full interior.” 

“When we show the design model, we want to all feel good with our stakeholders, employees and clients that from that point to the production-spec car, we want less than a 5% change.”

Hennessey called the Deep Space “the modern equivalent of something like a Bugatti Royale” and said the range should be “greater than that which currently exists”.

One car has been sold already, to the owner of the Venom F5 hypercar that Hennessey showed at Pebble Beach in August. 

“How many more guys are out there? I’m not sure, but I do know that in this part of the market, people want to have something completely different to what their friends and rivals own,” said Hennessey. 

The Deep Space is the second of four vehicles in Hennessey’s 10-year product plan, following the Venom F5. Future models are planned with a mix of internal combustion engines and electrification.

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LouSiThames 5 July 2022
Oh look it's the next Fiesta.

VVIP = very violent impact protection.

TS7 5 July 2022
I think I drew something similar on the back of an english exercise book in school 45 years ago.
jason_recliner 5 July 2022

I think we all did. The difference is, John goes out and builds them. The guy's incredible.

jason_recliner 5 July 2022

That sketch is 6 metres like my member is 6 inches!