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The all-new Subaru Legacy will feature a Subaru WRX concept-inspired design and a hybrid powertrain
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10 July 2013

The next-generation Subaru Legacy will take inspiration from the Subaru WRX concept that was shown at the New York motor show earlier this year.

These photographs, captured during the vehicle’s development programme in Michigan, show a rectangular grille, swept-back headlights, a C-shaped signature in the rear lights and a more coupé-like profile than the current model. 

The car was seen testing alongside an Audi Allroad and an Infiniti G37x, which strongly suggests the new car will retain a four-wheel drive configuration as standard. 

Little is known about the engine line-up, but it is likely an evolution of the current car’s diesel boxer engine will spearhead the range in Europe. Reports suggest the current 2.5-litre petrol engine will remain, and be offered alongside the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine from the Forester

Six-speed manual gearboxes will be offered alongside Lineartronic CVT units.

A hybrid version is tipped to be offered for the first time as part of Subaru’s Motion-V commitment to improve fuel efficiency by 30 per cent. The Legacy will also receive Subaru’s Eyesight crash avoidance technology.

The 2015 Subaru Legacy is expected to be revealed next year, with sales beginning in 2015.


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10 July 2013

Behold to its uglines. 

10 July 2013

All that cladding will come off Smile The profile looks reasonable, usefully upright windscreen, slim A pillers decent glass, no porthole rear window. The front overhang is to long. It has to be better than the current model which apparently took inspiration for its styling from the Vauxhall Vectra-

10 July 2013

Once all that cladding comes off and it is properly revealed, I have no doublt it will look rather dated and so will the interior if it is given the usual Subaru treatment.   

10 July 2013

Lets hope its more like the previous generation and not the current awful one, and Subaru UK please offer us a turbo manual or the 6 cyclinder with a manual gearbox - the cvt gearbox is shocking. 

10 July 2013

Citytiger wrote:

Lets hope its more like the previous generation and not the current awful one, and Subaru UK please offer us a turbo manual or the 6 cyclinder with a manual gearbox - the cvt gearbox is shocking. 

I agree. Without a car with decent performance and a manual box it really doesnt matter how low the CO2 is, i wont be interested. And hopefully Subaru will style the thing this time instead of the accident they have on sale at present.

10 July 2013

There won't be a manual with the 2.0T (even if that is offered in the legacy), and no chance of 6-cylinders either due to CO2 paranoia in the EU - CVTs are here to stay due to the test benefits.  However, I understand (from a Subaru salesman) that the CVT will be offered with the diesel next year.  Tests of the 2.0XT with CVT seem to suggest that it works pretty well with that engine - though it is hard to tell from UK roadtesters if they have actually driven an XT, they say so little about it.  I am not due to change for a year or two yet so not much point in having a testdrive myself

I am hoping that the styling will be better than the hideous current model (I have an 08 diesel Outback) both inside and out but you never know with Subaru...

Edited to add:  the article heading really should not include the word "revealed" as it really doesn't fit the photos.  And the pillars are very slim - the US reviews of the new Forester praise very highly the excellent all round view compared to the competition.  And US crerash test results for the Forester are about the best ever for the class.  Looking in practical terms (saqfety and usability) the Subaru range is fantastic.  Less so in party frock terms, about which I don't care (as a country dweller Lol

10 July 2013

whenever subaru bring out a new model it seems like its about three model cycles behind everyone else. They either need to do some big changes though the whole range or just give up. Surely the few who brought and legacy are the sort who will now be driving four wheel drive octavias and superbs.

10 July 2013

How can you tell that it is a new Subaru legacy?

It looks pretty much like the next generation chevrolet Cruze at the front, it was also seen masked but the lines looks the same...

11 July 2013

What the subject said. 

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