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Exclusive Range Rover launched by gun makers Holland & Holland

An exclusive version of the Range Rover has been launched by gun makers Holland & Holland and design firm Overfinch.

Limited to just 100 units annually, the Holland & Holland Range Rover by Overfinch has been designed to “create the ultimate all purpose, all season, luxury supercar for the discerning few”.

The package will be available on either the 503bhp 5.0-litre V8 supercharged engine of the TDV8 unit.

A range of exclusive interior features will be offered, including a specially veneered wood dash, limited edition numbered plaques and a steering wheel in a colour to match the owner’s gun.

The interior has a four-seater layout, with a self-replenishing drinks cabinet in the rear and a hand crafted gun cabinet in the boot.

Prices start from £139,650 in the UK and it is available to order now.

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Steelydan 11 October 2009

Re: £140k Range Rover launched

38carssofar wrote:
I hope you get the matched pair of H&H shotguns in with the price .... that would make it the bargain of the century !

I once shot with a pair of H&H guns at their shooting school in North London. £58k for the pair. They were a work of art. Truly beautiful. Didn't dare drop them though! The accompanying Range Rover would have been lovely had I had the lifestyle and the werewithal to demand it. There's nothing in life like having the right kit for the job.

fuzzybear 10 October 2009

Re: £140k Range Rover launched

rosstopher wrote:

Self replenishing drinks cabinet?

Does it drive itself to the off licence?


Tho i can imagine Chinese, Russian and Japanese customers liking this car

Stephen Guckel 28 September 2009

Re: £140k Range Rover launched

It's a marvellous machine, that will be the correct vehicle, for the correct people in the correct circumstances.

I particularly like the Pifco portable trouser press, Pifco drinks mixer and Pifco multi-shotgun cleaner. The shoe cleaner inthe drivers footwell is also a well thought out idea. One only needs a good chauffeur and some well trained stewarding staff and any erudite, sporting Gentleman will be happy to part with the paltry sum of £140,000.13/-6d.

They will be inundated with a mass of rush orders.