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New Electric GT World Series will feature modified Model S cars; the inaugural season will be held 2017 in America, Asia and Europe

The world’s first zero emissions GT racing series is set to begin in 2017, featuring the Tesla Model S P85+.

In the Electric GT World Series, 20 drivers and 10 teams will battle it out in a seven-race season, with races in America, Asia and Europe. The races will take place on official race tracks, rather than the temporary street tracks used in Formula E.

Initially, the race series will have the Tesla Model S P85+ electric sports saloon as its standard vehicle. The road-going version of the electric car has a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds. The racing version will get uprated suspension, brakes and cooling, and will shed a few pounds of weight during the race conversion.

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Technical director for Electric GT Holdings Agustin Paya said: "We chose the Tesla Model S because it is one of the best 100% electric cars on the market. The teams will race identical models similar to the road version, with 410bhp and 442lb ft of torque. Despite being a tourer it seems to be made for racing, with its weight distribution ratio and low centre of gravity.

“We have been testing the car in Spain on the Barcelona and Jarama circuits, both of which are being used as test and operations centres.

Video: Tesla Model S P85D - the ultimate drag race

“The fun of the Electric GT category is that you are going to watch commercially available models you see on the streets, racing on circuits around the world,” added Paya, who said that, although the series will start out only using the Tesla Model S, other makes and models will be free to participate in the future.

The new championship claimed to have the support of both the Royal Spanish Motorsport Federation and the Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA).

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jonboy4969 13 March 2016

ok, what other car could you

ok, what other car could you use, apart from the Tesla, there really is no other car in the world that could compete with it, yet, the new BMW i Saloon will be out in a couple of years so might be around for the second year this series races, the LEAF, yeah, that would not have teh oomph to compete with a slug, let alone the TESLA - Musk is having little to do with this series, apart from having his products used to start it off, once other cars come on stream, like the new AUDI, Porsche, Jaguar and so on, these will be added to the series to make it more of a multi brand series, rather than a one make.

As for the stooooopid comment above about fanatic fans, well, you have made yourself look Stooooooopid, and VERY at that.

Peter Cavellini 12 March 2016

Well!,why not?

Certainly more entertaining than formula E'.
The Apprentice 12 March 2016

Needs a track with inductive

Needs a track with inductive charging embedded in the racing line so they can keep going.. you could call it something like erm, Scalextrics!