Seven-time world champ plays down concerns over his comeback from a neck injury
21 January 2010

Michael Schumacher has claimed he is now fully recovered from the motorcycle accident which scuppered his Formula One comeback last season.

Schumacher was due to stand in for the injured Felipe Massa last year, but had to pull out after concerns over his neck injury. The seven-time world champion has since signed for Mercedes. He said last week’s three-day GP2 test day at Jerez revealed no injury or fitness concerns.

Pics from Schumacher's GP2 development test

"The after-effects of that accident are gone. That's why I was sure that the neck would not cause any problems," he said on his official website. "This was one year ago, that's over.

"I have been practising since December physically very carefully and feel extremely fresh and fit. That was one of the reasons why I felt so good in the car in Jerez.

"But then, Formula 1 is another thing, the g-forces are higher, that's not really comparable. That is why I look forward so much to testing in February. Only then the old feeling will be completely back. I can't wait to be back there."

Schumacher also said he is more motivated to win another world championship now than he was in the seasons before he retired.

"After my retirement at the end of 2006 I was very happy. I felt relief, just like freedom," he said.

"I enjoyed that feeling because especially in the last two years F1 had demanded a great deal from me - not the racing, that I loved during all the time, but all those things which relate to living under constant observation. It did me extremely well to be quiet for those three years.

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"It really is as if my batteries were fully loaded. My energy is back completely. I really notice how the prickle is coming, how motivated I am because I so much look forward to this competition. It is about time to start this whole thing."


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21 January 2010

Breakfast or no breakfast, we will all be ecstatic just to see Michael back in Formula One - I'm sure, all of us, to a man, but if he could become eight-or-nine-times World Champion, I'd probably experience my first ever multiple orgasm while watching the BBC in the afternoon, when it's usually just Monk and Miss Marple (pardon the pun).

21 January 2010

[quote VirginPower]we will all be ecstatic just to see Michael back in Formula One - I'm sure, all of us, to a man[/quote]

I'm not, F1 doesn't need him and the fantastic racing since he retired has proved it.

I'm sick of the whole thing being milked to death.

21 January 2010

[quote Richard H]I'm sick... [/quote]

No you're not. We're all ecstatic.

21 January 2010

Back in the mid-noughties, when there was endless talk of when Schumacher was going to retire, there was a suggestion/report/rumour that Schumacher and Brawn had set themselves a target of 10 titles and 100 wins before they both retired.

Well, he currently has 7 titles and has just signed a 3-year deal...

21 January 2010

That's such incredibly good news and so newsworthy. Please, please, please don't blemish the quality of Autocar journalism by balancing the hour-by-hour updates of the state of His Grace with trivia about cars, transport, other racing drivers, and suchlike.

All we want to know is what Michael is doing / has done / might do / etc etc.

Have to say, I'm feeling rather Godlike myself today because I am just like Michael:

  • I have eaten breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee)
  • I have an injury (broken tendon in finger)

I guess that you are all jealous of how great the similarities between myself and Michael. Who wouldn't be? He's great, and by associating myself with him, I am too.

21 May 2012


21 May 2012

That's a good news! I just pleased to read about this news. Godhelps. I was looking forward to know about this situation. Thanks for this allocation. Smile

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