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Racing legend Sir Stirling falls three floors, breaking both ankles

Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has been injured in a bizarre accident at his home.

The 80-year old fell down three floors of a lift shaft in his house in west London after a problem with the lift doors, which are said to have opened one floor below the lift itself.

Moss broke both ankles and four bones in his feet in the accident, and suffered injuries to his vertebrae. He was taken to the London Hospital and then moved to the Princess Grace hospital, where he is expected to leave intensive care later today.

Doctors say his life is not in danger, and his wife Lady Moss says the veteran - often called the best driver to never win the F1 world title - is in good spirits.

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garryv12 8 March 2010

Re: Moss injured in lift accident

How could he not see there was no lift there when the doors opened?!

Like a previous posting, I too find him over-rated. His 80th birthday celebrations seemed to go on all year, with the motoring press banging on about him nearly every month.

Having said that, wish the guy well. Must have been terrifying.

sorrel 8 March 2010

Re: Moss injured in lift accident

Can't say that I found it that amusing myself....

Anyway, I wish Stirling Moss a complete recovery and hope his health is good enough that he can attend some of the races this season.

Freelance journo 8 March 2010

Re: Moss injured in lift accident

Never rated him myself - and yes I am old enough. I must admit to also finding this rather amusing when I heard it on the radio - just picturing him falling into the shaft without noticing that the lift wasn't there (I'm sure there's quite a difference between the walled shaft and the inside of the lift!). No malice intended, I don't wish him any harm, just thought it was funny.