FIA president confirms backing for Jean Todt, rubbishing rival Ari Vatanen's chances
24 September 2009

Max Mosley has reiterated his belief that Jean Todt should succeed him as the head of motorsport's governing body, the FIA, as well as rubbishing rival Ari Vatanen's credentials for the job.

"Jean will do a much better job than me in many ways," said Mosley, who has publicly endorsed Todt's bid to become president. "And in some ways he will upset the F1 teams less because he probably won't come up with the next big idea.

"He will make sure it all runs like clockwork and is completely fair, honest, open and transparent - and that is what you need."

Todt's candidacy has drawn criticism from some quarters because of his recent employment at Ferrari and his willingness to use team orders, both to settle races at Ferrari and to decide the result of teh Paris-Dakar Rally when he worked for Peugeot.

"All of those things Jean did were within the rules, as they were at the time, and were in the best interests of his team," said Mosley.

"The thing about Jean is that when he was Peugeot he was 100 per cent Peugeot. When he was Ferrari he was 100 per cent Ferrari. And when he is FIA he will be 100 per cent FIA.

"There will be no old ties or loyalties to Ferrari, or Peugeot or Citroen. He will be totally down the line. And that is the good thing about him. He is absolutely open, absolutely honest. Sometimes he upsets people because he says it as he sees it. He is not a politician in telling people what they want to hear - and that is what we need."

When asked for comments about Todt's rival Vatanen, Mosley said: "Ari keeps complaining, and has done it several times, that I should be neutral and not favouring Jean.

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"But he has forgotten that at the end of June, when I announced that I was standing down, he called me up and said, 'can I come and see you?' So I invited him to lunch.

"He came to lunch on 3 July and said he was going to stand, and asked me if I would support him. I said I couldn't support him as I promised to support Jean.

"I said, 'I will be very honest. I think Jean is a much better candidate. You have no experience, you have never run anything, you've not been in charge of even the smallest organisation, you have no concept of what it is like. You didn't even run your own rally car, you had a co-driver to do that.'"

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24 September 2009

Ferrari World Champions in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016....

If this was a vote for Competition Licence holders to have their say it would be an Ari landslide. The FIA stinks from the top to the bottom - bloody Zimbabwe is less corrupt

24 September 2009

Backing someone because he won't come up with any ideas is surely the ultimate condemnation of both the candidate and the organisation he hopes to 'lead'. If I was in Todt's shoes I'm not sure I'd be that grateful for support from someone like Mosley. That's like having Hitler as a character witness at a Nazi war trial. At least Max has got the right uniform in his wardrobe.

24 September 2009

I always thought the FIA was a democrasy and not some monarchy where the out going king declares his sucessor!

Mad Max has no business siding with one candidate.

He should just go quietly and enjoy is prostitutes! (max going quietly that will be the day!)

24 September 2009

Good lord, who needs enemies when you have a friend like Max ! His comments are exactly what Ari needs to champion his cause, I should think. Max just comes across as an arrogant and totally rude man - how did ever get to where he is now - the sooner he goes the better. I would have thought that Ari's situation of having had no links to any F1 team in the past is exactly what FIA needs at this stage if it's ever to get away from the scandals and parrtiallity that has plagued it recently.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

24 September 2009

If max sides with Todt surely that is all the more reason Ari should have a chance. Out with the old and all that. F1 is in a real mess right now, in my view it would benefit from a bit of new thinking, fresh blood and someone who hasn't been involved in the politics over the last few years (and isn't a fan of the old boys club).

And I'm a Ferrari fan so I'm certainly not anti Jean Todt!

24 September 2009

Whilst I would prefer to see Vatanen win this election, if only to be seen to be a fresh broom through the FIA, I do think that Todt would be a very good leader for the FIA. Yes, he was 100% devoted to Ferrari when he ran Ferrari, but that was his job. He was totally commited to Peugeot when he worked for them, and I think he would be equally completely devoted to his FIA role if he gets elected.

As someone who defended Mosley through the S&M scandal, I will be quite glad to see the back of him from the FIA presidency. However, those who think that Vatanen will romp home to win by a landslide might be in for a shock - they are probably the same people who predicted Max would be forced out several times already and have been consistently proved wrong. The whole system is set out in his favour, and will work in Todt's favour when the votes are counted. Vatanen is fighting the voting system from the outside, and is surely the underdog in this fight.

24 September 2009

Jackie Stewart had the right idea - get someone from outside motorsport to run the FIA.

That way you can get someone who had organisational skills that Ari lacks, and impartiality that Todt has questions over.

Going on a track record, Todt would be the best option. He's managed to make Ferrari a championship winning team. Ari, nice guy, but can't really add much more than that.

[quote disco.stu]As someone who defended Mosley through the S&M scandal,[/quote]

We should all be allowed to do what we want in private as long as it hurts no-one. However, entertainment from a senario of Nazis and concentration camp prisoners is something else. He has my pity.

24 September 2009

Get a Scottishist in.

They fcuk up everything they go near (banks, the government et al) and F1 will be dead in 5 years,

Result for all who care for sport and what sport is and should be.

24 September 2009

[quote Symanski]We should all be allowed to do what we want in private as long as it hurts no-one. [/quote]

People can and do get hurt in S&M sessions.


24 September 2009

[quote plumiestparts] People can and do get hurt in S&M sessions.



I bow to your superior knowledge in such matters.


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