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Peugeot's IRC champion loses his win after a part of his car was found to be underweight

Peugeot's Intercontinental Rally Challenger (IRC) champion Kris Meeke has been stripped of his Rally of Scotland victory after a part of his car was found to be underweight.

The result of last weekend's rally was finally clarified yesterday after the front subframe of his Peugeot 207 S2000 was found to be underweight.

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Initial weighings proved inconclusive and the part had to bee specially weighed at a government Weights and Measures office.

"After due deliberation the stewards noted that Peugeot UK and Peugeot Sport admitted lack of control in the manufacture of this subframe," read an official statement from the rally's stewards. "The stewards also recognised that there was no fraudulent intent on behalf of the entrant or manufacturer."

Peugeot has previously said it would appeal the decision if it was excluded. Skoda's Guy Wilks has been awarded the victory.

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