Honda HSV 010 tests at Suzuka in Japan
30 December 2009

The Honda HSV 010 V8 race car has been spied testing at Suzuka in Japan.

Although Honda calls it "a racing car specially developed for Japanese Super GT category", it is loosely based on Honda’s axed 'next NSX' project.

See the Honda HSV 010 race car in hi-res

Honda put a lot of time and work into developing a new front-engined V10 super-coupe, to go head to head with the Lexus LFA.

The car was seen testing and was close to being signed off when Honda pulled the plug in winter 2008 as the economic crisis hit, around the same time Honda announced it was quitting Formula One.

Sources say Honda’s plan was to launch the new V10 super-coupe as the Acura Sports, its launch timed to coincide with the debut of Acura, Honda’s luxury dealer channel, in Japan.

In the end, both projects got canned, but not before Honda put quite a bit of work into developing a separate, pure race version of the Acura Sports for Super GT, Japan’s hugely popular tin-top race series.

The Super GT version of the Acura Sports will carry the road car’s silhouette but underneath it would be totally different, with an all-new carbonfibre chassis and swapping the road car’s 5.0-litre V10 – good for 500bhp plus – for a race-bred 3.4-litre V8 to meet the new Super GT regs.

The road car’s high-performance, rear-biased Super Handling 4WD system has also been exchanged for a simpler, more robust rear drive layout, again to meet Super GT regs.

Honda will build a limited run of race cars to meet the requirements of the Super GT teams, but has stressed the race car will not be sold, nor form the basis of a road car.

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It’s a 90-degree V8 with 3400cc capacity, rev-limited to 10,300rpm and good for 600bhp plus. For Super GT duty, the engine will have to be significantly reworked for a more endurance spec. Super GT races are longer and harder than Formula Nippon and each engine also has to last for four races.

The V8 engine will also be air-restricted to 500bhp to meet the regs in Super GT’s top GT500 class, but will lose the rev limiter.

The details of the car and the team organisation will be announced in January.

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30 December 2009

Somewhere underneath that racing bodywork is a new NSX....

Will Mugen possibly make a number of road legal specials? Would be less risky for Honda to do and give Mugen the full recognition as the M or AMG division of Honda road divisions racing department.

Hopefully it would stay V8,RWD, 10,000rpm...exotic and lightweight construction (like the LFA is a test bed for future materials for hybrid weight saving technology) and a racing set-up and gearbox...The Power of Dreams?

30 December 2009

What an ugly piece of s.........

I'm glad this 'thing' didn't make it to production. It looks hideous. An awful mix of Mercedes SLR and the Honda Integra. Cheap, crass, and classless.

If I have powers over Honda, I'd eternally forbid them from designing another car. I will only let them design motorcycles and car powertrains.

30 December 2009

Why does Honda axe the NSX but kept the Honda Accord Crosstour? Honda is not going to make much money with such a hideous car like the Crosstour so why avoid the NSX?

30 December 2009

Chunkster....Your comments are ammusing but sad!

The car is obviously a racing prototype/mule and its obviously not how the production road car would have looked in the flesh...probably not how the racing car will fully look....

The only thing that is, "cheap,crass and classless" are you bilge comments...

Thankfully the people at Honda wouldnt be employing someone of your limited commenting/observational skills and forsight...would they?

30 December 2009

Sorry Wanger

I just don't regard any of the recent Hondas as good automotive designs. They all look messy and weird. They are unimaginative mish-mash of different cars. The current Honda Accord is the prime example. It has Lexus, BMW 5-series, the Mercedes E-Class and even a dose of Hyundai in its design. There is absolutely no originality whatsoever.

The new hybrid CR-Z looks like it came from the Gundam cartoon..............

I would like to quote Dr Ferdinand Porsche vis-a-vis my feelings regrading the larger Honda sedans. They are nothing more than an "over engineered Honda Civic".

The pictures of the NSX Super GT racecar you see is extremely close to how the production car will look. Maybe you are not familiar with Super GT racing series, but they are suppose to closely resemble the roadcars which they are based, That is why the Super GT series is known as a 'silhouette car' formula series. The rear-end of the car is exactly the same as the one that was lapping the Nurburgring before the car got canned. Ignore the aero scoops and flares and you have the real deal.

Do some homework before pointing fingers at others : )

You don't happen to work for Honda UK do you?

Happy New Year

30 December 2009

Hi chunkster, well at least you put some effort into your riposte!

Yes the new Accord is very much in the Lexus, E-class and 5 series mould. You will notice from its pricing structure however that its priced against base versions of A4`s,C-class and 3 series whilst being dimensionally the next size up...Its rather good value offering traditional Honda qualities.

The forthcoming CR-Z certainly is unique...Correct!

I would like to quote Dr Ferdinand Porsche vis-a-vis my feelings regrading the larger Honda sedans. They are nothing more than an "over engineered Honda Civic".

Yes well some might say that the Dr`s 911, is nothing more than an exceedingly over engineered VW Beetle dating back to Adolf`s visions for world domination and a car for his countrymen in the 30`s....Isnt a S class, just an over engineered A class? (silly comment wasnt it/isnt it?)

So the previous NSX in the Super GT racing series looked just like the road version? Not really, put the two side by side, and you would be hard pressed to see the original NSX`s road cars lines in the racing version...Wings,spoilers enlarged bodywork and arches soon dilute the shape...The only thing you can be sure about from the pics is the roofline and windscreen of the road car origins and maybe the rear tail area...Anything else is difficult to be certain about

Nope dont work for Honda...Do own a Civic and a Golf though

And a very Happy New Year to yourself too.... ; )

30 December 2009


You have to forgive me for the lack of enthusiasm in my previous post, but Hondas rarely get me excited.

The S Class is in no way an over-engineered A Class. The two are totally different and share nothing in common technically. One is a classical three-box layout design and the other an innovative sandwich floor layout. You should know better.

30 December 2009

obviously cheaper than an f1 programme then .


30 December 2009

If not a full IRC series in the States!

Hmmm which manufacturer supplied the entire engines to the Indy 500 race, and did not suffer one engine failure from any of the cars in the field during the whole of the race?

answers on a postcard....

30 December 2009

just for kcrally`s hedification:

Honda entered the IndyCar Series in 2003, and scored 28 victories in 49 races (2003-05) against strong competition from opposing manufacturers, including Indy 500 and IndyCar drivers' and manufacturers' championships in 2004 and '05. Overall, including its 65 victories in the CART Champ Car series from 1994-2002, Honda owns 128 race victories in open-wheel competition in the U.S.

During the course of the 17-race 2007 IndyCar Season, 36 drivers, utilizing the Honda Indy V8 (HI7R) racing engine, recorded a total of 166,608 miles with just a single in-race engine failure - a demonstration of outstanding design and build quality rarely seen in a highly stressed racing engine. For the second consecutive season, Honda also powered the entire 33-car starting field at the 2007 Indianapolis 500. And for the second year in a row - and the only two times in '500' history - there was not a single engine-related retirement in the event.


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