French GP scrapped due to economic pressures
16 October 2008

The French Grand Prix, the world’s oldest surviving motor race, has been scrapped for 2009 as a result of mounting economic problems.

The FFSA, France’s motorsport governing body, took the decision to cancel next year’s race – which had been granted a provisional place on the Formula One calendar – in the wake of falling revenues and rising contractual costs. There are still hopes that a new venue and promoter can be found in time for 2010, with a number of projects, including Magny-Cours and a track close to Disneyland Europe, bidding for the rights to the event.

The French Grand Prix was first held in 1906, but its most recent home of Magny-Cours has never won the affection of either F1 teams or race fans. Team officials will hope that the French race’s absence from the calendar will allow a respite for Canada; its removal from the 2009 schedule left F1 with no race in the key North American market.

John McIlroy

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16 October 2008

Let us stop the French, British, German, Italian, Belgian, Canadian GP. Welcome to the night GPs of the East!

16 October 2008

exactly DavidRS...

Lets chuck out of the window all the history of motorsport and go and fix races up at nighttime street circuits.... In fact lets rename the bloody circus from F1 into "the Sony f***ing grand turismo f1 of the East" - suits them....

Next will be Silvestone ( the british had nothing to do with motor racing ever any way , right? - Colin Chapman would be turning in the grave), then it will be Monza out, followed by the Ring and Spa. Sorted.

Spoilt my day this one - I m logging off

ps: Mr Ecclestone I think that sometimes you are a complete tosser

17 October 2008

I agree with both of the most of the above but losing Magny-Cours isn't the end of the world. As a circuit it has tended to provide processions rather than races as it doesn't exactly brim with over-taking possibilties.

ps: Mr Ecclestone I think increasingly frequently that you and your FIA chums are complete tossers.

17 October 2008

I tend to agree with the other comments on here - Ecclestone and the FIA are totally unmoved by the traditions and history of F1. Sadly, as with so many other things these days, it's all to do with the pursuit of riches at the expence of all else.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

17 October 2008

I'm no fan of F1 - just doesn't rock my socks - but its pursuit of avarice is unpleasant to watch. The way its soul has been hocked to the highest bidder is all too reminiscent of Premiership football.

17 October 2008

Good riddance, Magny-Cours- it really was a dump. But people really need to fight to save the 'proper' European Grands Prix - Britain, Belgium, Monza. Otherwise Bernie will have the whole lot running around far eastern theme parks.

17 October 2008

[quote david RS]

Let us stop the French, British, German, Italian, Belgian, Canadian GP. Welcome to the night GPs of the East!

I think you're onto something here David. They could also select some (un)representative far eastern language and use their words for 'Great Prize'. Maybe hold the races inside giant nightclubs with side attractions - an Elvis tribute here, a roulette wheel there, pole dancers to mark pole position, etc.

Seriously, maybe the French venue wasn't the best, but don't abandon it, improve it. Is there no way the mega wealthy new venue owners could pair up with and aid/sponsor a traditional venue. Imagine how much goodwill that would engender for the individual or organisation. Maybe some of the historic venues could try for world heritage status or become charities for wealthy enthusiasts to support. Tax relief could come into play!

Anyway, in closing I'd just like to say that I've crapped more interesting things than Bernie.


17 October 2008

Let's just hope they can get Donnington right, or we'll be next for the chop.......



It's all about the twisties........

21 October 2008

Who cares anymore anyway? The whole thing is a joke of the most astonishing proportions. We should dump F1 before it dumps us. Someone needs to establish a viable alternative so that we can stuff Bernie back up his own backside where he clearly belongs.

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