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First pictures of Ford's latest rally challenger

This is the new Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car, which was unveiled today.

The car, driven by WRC driver Matthew Wilson, will make its public debut as course car on the Rally of Scotland, which gets underway from Perth on Thursday night.

The 1200kg car is powered by a 280bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that has peak power at 8000rpm. It also has 192lb ft of torque at 6500rpm.

However, its future competition plans are unclear. Although it is eligible for outright honours in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and class honours in the WRC next year, Ford has no plans to run works cars. Instead, it will continue to campaign Ford Focus WRCs in the WRC, offering the S2000 car to customers.

See studio and action pictures of the Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car here

The car has been built by M-Sport, which also builds Ford's WRC cars.

M-Sport chief Matthew Wilson said: "Today is a very exciting day for us. This is the first global rally car for Ford and M-Sport.

"I really believe that we have produced a fantastic rally car and this launch is a big step to seeing it out competing in rallies. It's the first time in five years that we have been able to offer a Ford rally car that can challenge for overall victory in national championships across the world.

"It is also the culmination of a huge amount of hard work not only by Christian Loriaux and his team, but by everyone who works at M-Sport. We have worked closely with Ford on this project."

M-Sport's technical director Christian Loriaux added: "We have made a very promising start in testing and I am more than pleased with the performance of the car so far; it will be interesting to see how the real pace of the car compares to the competition."

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TegTypeR 20 November 2009

Re: Fiesta S2000 rally car unveiled

beachland2 wrote:
Lack of Fords plan to use the car ties in with my thoughts they wont be bringing out a flagship RS fiesta road car any-time in the foreseeable future.

No, I don't think we will see an RS, but I have heard from a reliable source that an ST could be on its way.

Straff 19 November 2009

Re: Fiesta S2000 rally car unveiled

Come on guys - the Chief of M Sport is Malcolm Wilson, Matt's father.

I'd be a lot happier if they made these cars the replacement for WRC cars. They sound a lot better, there are far more manufacturers involved (and able to be involved) and there's a reasonable chance that up and coming drivers could get the budget to drive them.

But what do I know? The FIA (bunch of *#/££!!'s that they are) never listen to anyone other than the manufacturers...

jonbon 19 November 2009

Re: Fiesta S2000 rally car unveiled

That will be the Honda then??