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New 'Arena' layout to be used for this year's Silverstone track

Silverstone will use its new 'Arena' layout for this year's Formula One British Grand Prix.

The revised track had originally been designed with MotoGP in mind, but Formula One Management has now approved the use of the Arena Grand Prix layout from this year's British GP.

See the Silverstone layout from an aerial view

The new circuit leaves the current GP layout at Abbey and heads through an S-bend to the new Arena complex, before returning down the National track straight to rejoin the existing GP track's stadium section at Brooklands. F1 cars will therefore no longer use Bridge and Priory corners, but it is hoped that the changes will increase overtaking opportunities.

"Some will miss not seeing modern day F1 cars accelerating through Bridge, but we have to move with the times and continue looking at ways to improve the overall experience," Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips said. "The new layout will bring an extra dimension to Silverstone, a new challenge for the drivers, and will enable fans to get closer to the action.

The revisions add 760 metres in length to Silverstone's GP track, and are expected to increase F1 lap times by four seconds.

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Symanski 12 February 2010

Re: F1 British GP to run on new track

Silverston can and has produced some really boring races, so I'm glad that efforts are being made to entertain us fans of F1.

That's really the problem that F1 is facing right now, utterly boring race tracks. They simply should be dropped from the calendar unless something can be done to bring back some excitement!

Here's a list, of tracks to be dropped in order of priority:

  1. Valencia - Two of the most boring races ever! Please, no more!
  2. Bahrain - A capacity of 50,000 people and still empty grandstands
  3. Abu Dhabi - Beautiful to look at when lighted up, but dull!
  4. Spanish (Catalunya) - Does anybody remember an overtake?
  5. Singapore - Flavio should have been thanked for at least making it watchable!
  6. China - Even the Chinese can't bus enough paid-for spectators in.

I'll stop myself at six....

Peter Cavellini 12 February 2010

Re: F1 British GP to run on new track

So they've changed the track!,a race is a race,they could have runit round the streets of London,all we want is entertainment, not stuffy politics about taking out a few corners,it's purely subjective, isn't it?

nettingham 12 February 2010

Re: F1 British GP to run on new track

Peter Cavellini wrote:
At this present time Silverstone needs to tow the line,and anyway it's a race,doesn't matter what the layout is, it could be better or worse,judgement will be given on grand prix week
What point are you trying to make exactly?