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F1 supremo confirms Donington Park won't host the British Grand Prix

Formula One promoter Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed Donington's hopes of hosting the British Grand Prix next year are over.

Ahead of this weekend's inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Ecclestone confirmed that Donington's bosses had failed to raise the funds to complete its redevelopment plans.

"There's no Donington. They've missed the deadline which we kept extending for them," Ecclestone said.

"It's unfortunate for them, to be honest with you. It was the credit crunch that caused them to be in trouble because their intentions were good, that's for sure.

"It's bad for Tom (Wheatcroft) because he's been an old friend for a long time."

Ecclestone insisted he is still in talks with Silverstone to reach a deal for the 2010 race and suggested the ball was on the British track's court.

"We're talking. A deal can be done if they want to," he said, adding there were no differences of opinion over contract details.

"There isn't actually. As far as I'm concerned, no problems."

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Peter Cavellini 30 October 2009

Re: Ecclestone: Donington GP is over

Clever old Bernie!, what a clever way to keep interest in Silverstone and then hopefully get the terms he wants for Silverstone to hold the race!, like i said, clever!

Uncle Mellow 30 October 2009

Re: Ecclestone: Donington GP is over

Is this Bernies' own hair , or is it a rug ?

Richard H 29 October 2009

Re: Ecclestone: Donington GP is over

CUP200 wrote:
Bernie must be the greediest man in the world ,He will not support his own country even though he could,

He's asking for £12 million to host the race with a 7% yearly increase.

On top of that

He takes the TV money

He takes the hospitality money

He takes the fees for the advertising hoardings around the tracks

There is only ticket revenue left, it's not viable for any track to make any profit, he bleeds them dry, like he did Hockenheim

He gives a discount to Monaco and Monza, no one else, all other countries have to go cap in hand to the government

It's pure greed, on behalf of CVC

The Formula One teams are not at all happy with it, and the FIA have washed their hands.

The FIA keep saying that its time to cut costs, when is Bernie going to cut his?