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F1 boss claims the circuit is in breach of contract and has 14 days to sort out the problems

The future of the British GP took another twist today when Bernie Ecclestone denied Donington’s claims that it had been given a two week extension to sort out its problems.

Circuit boss Simon Gillett released a statement yesterday claiming he had been given “another two weeks from today to further demonstrate our credentials for hosting the British Formula 1 Grand Prix and to provide full information regarding our financial backing and construction timescales”.

However, Ecclestone has said no extension has been given and the Donington Ventures Leisure Limited and that Gillett was actually in breach of contract.

“We haven't decided to give Gillett another deadline at all,” he said.

“We have informed him he is in breach of contract. The contract which we have gives him 14 days to remedy the breach. Most business contracts are like that.

"People interpret things the way they want to interpret them. It would be hard if you were standing in a court today arguing what he said was wrong.

"But he hasn't been given another deadline at all. He has been given, like the contract says, another two weeks to remedy the breach. No deadline has changed."

Ecclestone said he hadn’t personally made any contact with Gillett, but stressed that if no resolution was forthcoming within the next 14 days; the British GP would not be coming to the circuit and would return to Silverstone.

“I've been thinking he's going to come through all the way along because he's sort of led me to believe it's all OK," Ecclestone said. "But I have no reason to discuss anything with him. He's either going to remedy the breach or he isn't.

"If he isn't then that's the end of the story. If he is then we're going to have to make sure that he does all the other things that the contract provides for."

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