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Firm puts 473bhp V8 in the Z4 - but it's not for road use

BMW has launched a new V8 version of its latest Z4 for the track.

The BMW Z4 GT3 is powered by a 473bhp version of the V8 engine found in the BMW M3. This is mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox.

Other upgrades over the standard road car include new racing wheels, racing ABS and optional lightweight air-con for endurance racing. The car will be able to compete in all GT3 events, including the FIA GT3 European Championship, International GT Open and the ADAC GT Masters, as well as various 24-hour endurance events.

Deliveries are scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2010, with a price tag or 298,000 euro (£265,000) plus VAT.

BMW has said there will be no M version of the current Z4 road car, so this customer racing version is as close as drivers will get to a top-spec performance version of the Z4.

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IndustryWatcher 22 December 2009

Re: BMW's new Z4 V8 racer

Interesting that the story says the M3 is already equipped with a 473hp engine...coincidence or not? I think BMW will drop this new HO engine into the 2011 M3 which will be due out soon as they have shortened the life cycle of the 2010 model both due to competitive reasons (upcoming RS5) and the dismal economic environment. The U.K. economic environment stinks and so does the U.S. The M3 will have to offer more, not just cosmetic upgrades for 2011, and at or near the same price point to sell.

BulletTrainMcKane 22 December 2009

Re: BMW's new Z4 V8 racer

No M version? The M division must have blown all of its allotted budget on the X6 M!