F1 ringmaster pokes fun at teams in his Christmas card
21 December 2009

Bernie Ecclestone has pulled no punches in his infamous personalised Christmas card.

This year's card shows outgoing FIA president Max Mosley, BMW's Mario Theissen and Toyota's John Howett setting sail into the sunset, while the rival team bosses wave farewell.

See Bernie's Christmas card in hi-res

Another boat is also in the water, carrying a rocket launcher-toting Flavio Briatore and a pirate flag. Several sharks are also in the water.

In the background Ecclestone can be seen sitting in a lifeguard's station with a Baywatch-style floatation device at the ready.

Ecclestone's Christmas card's have recently tackled some of F1's biggest scandals head on: in 2007 Ron Dennis was pictured being handed a present by former chief designer Mike Coughlan, while last year the cartoon showed Mosley whipping team principals.

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21 December 2009

It's clear to see that despite the millions of pounds and massive ego, God did not bless Bernie with a gift for comedy.

21 December 2009

With all the money he makes out of F1 you'd think he have the decency to depict the sport in a good light, maybe by commissioning some good art of F1 to use instead of this sort of rubbish. It really tells us all about the contempt in which he holds F1, it seems to be just there to make money for "Ecclestone LTD" as far as he's concerned - and two fingers to everyone else. Disgraceful, he should be ashamed.

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25 December 2009

[quote PhilM4000]It's clear to see that despite the millions of pounds and massive ego, God did not bless Bernie with a gift for comedy.[/quote] Absolutely agree, Phil. A humour free zone, I'm afraid...

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