Ferrari dirver says his new team mate's victory in Singapore last year 'robbed' him of the title
2 October 2009

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa claims Fernando Alonso’s victory in last year’s Singapore grand prix ‘robbed’ him of winning the world championship.

Renault admitted fixing the race after Alonso’s then team mate Nelson Piquet deliberately crashed to bring out a safety car, which helped Alonso take victory at the time. Massa was leading at the time, but the safety car forced him to make a pit stop which was botched by his team.

“All of what happened was robbery - but regarding the race nothing has happened, the result remains the same,” said Massa. “This is not right.”

“The robbery changed the outcome of a championship and I lost [the title].”

Massa claimed Formula One should look to the example set by football, where fixed matches are wiped from the records.

“I have seen in football how a referee took money to throw a game and all the suspect results were annulled," said Massa. "In Italy, Juventus were relegated. But here they just sent Briatore home. I don't get it and I don't think it was right.”

Massa also questioned Piquet’s chances of ever making a return to the sport.

“In general it was a very ugly attitude for a team to come up to you and say that you have to crash in order to renew your contract," he said. "A driver who knew he was going to be fired.

"Nelsinho knew he was going to be fired. I believe that admitting a mistake is a good thing, because the guy told the truth. He shouldn't have waited so long to tell the truth. He told [the truth] because he was fired, this is not cool.

"He is in a very difficult position in Formula 1. You can be certain that if someone from a team says, 'Let's hire Nelsinho', it won't go down well. I don't think I would do this. I think that I would have to think very hard about it [and] I think that I wouldn't be able to do it."

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2 October 2009

Las year was a farce anyway.If you took the politics out of it Hamiliton would have won the championship LONG before Brazil.

2 October 2009

A silly comment by Massa. The team tactics of McLaren and Ferrari for the races following Singapore were influenced by the points Hamilton and Massa had accumulated up until that point so you can't just cancel all the points. In particular, for the Brazilan GP Hamilton was driving a very conservative race to get the points he needed. Had he needed more points because Singapore didn't count then the tactic would have been different and he could have scored more highly. Of course, he might not have done but you can hardly go back and re-run the race. Just more sour-grapes from the Ferrari team.

2 October 2009

And if he's going to look for the causes of him losing the Singapore GP, he might cast an eye over his pit crew.

2 October 2009

[quote Autocar]Fernando Alonso’s victory in last year’s Singapore grand prix ‘robbed’ him of winning the world championship[/quote]

He's quite right. What Renault did was championship changing. Massa was in a better position to win the race, maybe the pit stop wouldn't have gone so badly wrong, and with those extra points Hamilton would have found it difficult to win the championship.

This is exceptionally difficult as I'd not want to take the title away from Hamilton, but Massa deserves some sort of compensation for Renault's cheating. Which is really why the fact that Renault got let off the hook (no points deduction, no exclusion from any races) that it really does stink.

Under these circumstances the only fair way to both Massa and Hamilton would be to declare dual world champion status to them. I'm not sure how well that idea would sit with either of them!

2 October 2009

I can see the logic behind eliminating Alonso from the race result because it was the result of cheating by his team, but why should that be to the disadvantage of other teams who were not caught cheating? Why should all the other drivers be punished because of Renault's dishonesty? If the race result were to be modified, the fairest way of doing so would be to strike Alonso from the result and move everyone else up one place.

Rosberg goes from second place (8 points) to first place (10 points)

Hamilton goes from third place (6 points) to second place (8 points)

Massa goes from thirteenth place (0 points) to twelfth place (0 points)

Which means that Massa wouldn't be any better off, and Hamilton would have had 2 more points going into subsequent races.

Maybe Mr Whippy and The Dwarf would have eliminated Alonso from the race result if it would have benefitted Massa (Ferrari) over Hamilton (McLaren). Maybe not too.

2 October 2009

Happy days ahead at Ferrari then! LOL!

2 October 2009

What if Lewis hadn't got a puncture in Hungary or been penalised at Spa. What if Ferrari hadn't used a silly traffic light system in the pits. What if he hadn't spun more times than an ice skater at Silverstone... or crashed in Malaysia... or if Kimi had got the black flag he should have got in France... or... or...

2 October 2009

It's no good looking at what might have been - everything would have been different if this had been discovered during the season. Tactics would have been different and it's impossible to say what would have changed in the final order.. Seems to me Hamilton was there at the end of a full seasons racing - in spite of the raw deal from the politicians. So he IS the current world Champion and nothing should change that.

And I still don't really believe Alonso didn't get to hear of this before the rest of the world!

Agree wholeheartedly with Sorrel though - It might give Massa all he needs and I hope he really kicks Alonso's ass next season!

2 October 2009

The best thing Massa could do is sue Renault!

2 October 2009

[quote MartyB59]it's impossible to say what would have changed in the final order[/quote]

That's why you can never take away the championship from Hamilton. He deserved it, but with the cheating by Renault it's unfair that Massa didn't. Very difficult to restore any sense of fairness when the contest was so close.

[quote MartyB59]And I still don't really believe Alonso didn't get to hear of this before the rest of the world![/quote]

You're not the only one.


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