New South Wales technology park is now country’s biggest privately funded project; it’ll host the British MotoGP

The Circuit of Wales will be built alongside a sports, leisure and entertainment facility thanks to a new partnership with the Extreme Sports Company.

Today's announcement with Extreme confirms progress has not halted, despite concerns progress on the £425 million site that spans 336 hectares to the north of Ebbw Vale was slowing following the Welsh government’s refusal to underwrite private investment last year.

The reignited project is the most significant capital investment programme in automotive, motorsport and extreme sport infrastructure that the UK has seen in 50 years. The site will host motorsport and other outdoor leisure activities such as snow and water sports, skating and live music stages, with an estimated 750,000 visitors and an injection of £50m into the Welsh economy per year.

The Circuit of Wales location will benefit from promotion through the Extreme Sports Channel, which is broadcast in 68 countries across the world to as many as 100 million pairs of eyes.

Once completed, the track is also on course to become the home of the British MotoGP. The race is the UK’s second most popular motorsport event after F1's British GP.

Circuit of Wales CEO Martin Whitaker said “Our partnership with Extreme underlines the unique range of activities, facilities and services the Circuit’s enterprise cluster will offer Wales and the UK. The Circuit aims to provide much more than a racing facility; it will be a 365-day leisure and business destination.

“The support we have received to date from the racing, automotive and investment communities emphasises the Circuit’s long-term role in boosting tourism, creating jobs and diversifying the local economy.”

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Reborn British car maker TVR plans to locate itself at the new circuit. The company, which is originally from Blackpool, signed a deal with the Welsh government last year to produce its new models there from 2018.

TVR's Welsh base will breed great cars

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5 January 2017
This advertorial write up for Extreme only gives a partial picture. They still have to produce a business case for the Welsh Government to even consider underwriting 50% of the project value, having failed at 100% and then at 75%.

So far the Welsh Government has spent £9 million (OK, 7 of it is a loan but, you know, so long) and all that there is to actually show for it is the £35,000 invoiced for gardening work at the house of a director of the HDVC (the parent of CoW). The house is in that leafy Welsh town known as Cambridge (if you squnit and look at a map of the UK in a mirror, Cambridge is in Wales, believe it).

Since viability was the reason for not underwriting the scheme twice before, one has to wonder what will change to make it become viable...if the Welsh Government believe that less exposure, financially, somehow makes it viable, then some real journalism will be needed to get to the bottom of that one.

Know anyone, Autocar?

6 January 2017
Hmmm...I hadn't heard of 'Extreme Sports Company', so I took a look a their website. Still not much wiser, although apparently in real estate they are "Focusing on mainly large scale projects..." but don't have any examples to show. They have however licensed the brand for a hotel in Sochi that will "...kick open in early 2015".

6 January 2017
Having a slight connection to Silverstone I have to say how unfair this project is. The home of the British Grand Prix repeatedly tried to get government funding over the last 20 years - to be refused on every occasion. Silverstone - despite well-publicised problems - is a well-run organisation, a superb track and part of the very fabric of the UK motor-racing industry since the end of WW2. We have no problem with competition from privately funded competitors like Jonathan Palmer's superb organisation but to have an encroacher supported by an arm of UK Gov when they won't give Silverstone a penny is a bit grating.

6 January 2017
I'm happy not to send a single penny of taxpayers money to one Mr B. Ecclestone. There is enough money floating around in the sport, and hopefully enough sense and a little less greed in the new owners of F1, that a deal can be done to keep Silverstone in F1. The situation is a little different with CoW in that creating the infrastructure in the first place is what is worth investing in, not bankrolling an annual race.

7 January 2017
I hear Extreme Sports next project is to refloat Atlantis, build a replica of Monaco on it and get the Monaco GP relocated to Atlantis.
Wilson Laidlaw

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