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British team becomes the first Formula 1 entrant to commit to sustainable motorsport

Williams Racing has stunned the Formula 1 world and catapulted itself into a 'green' pole position by announcing a comprehensive plan to become climate positive by 2030.

The plan, developed over the past year to embrace all relevant global initiatives such as the UN Climate Change Agenda, goes much further towards building and proving the sustainability of motorsport than any current racing team or series, and undoubtedly helps to demonstrate that F1 racing can remain viable far into the future. 

It also opens a path the whole sport could follow towards climate positivity, putting the world’s premier motorsport code on a path to match or even beat the sustainability credentials of all-electric racing series such as Formula E, which up to now have taken the limelight. Williams has already achieved FIA three-star environmental accreditation, a tough standard.  

Announcing his revolutionary climate positive plan today, Williams CEO Jost Capito drew a strong link between the team’s new green agenda and the benefits its technical progress can bring to the wider car world, citing Williams’ “strong heritage of developing Formula 1 technology and transferring it to the EV, sustainable transport and energy sectors”.

“Our planet and society are changing faster than ever,” he said. “We want to push the envelope and be the pace setter for sustainability in global motorsport and in the wider automotive industry. We will be using our knowledge to nurture and develop advanced technology to meet this goal.”

Capito said that, as a result of recent sustainability research, Williams Racing already understands where improvement is required, but (in a marked departure from the team’s usual on-track philosophy) it is also willing to share best practice and learn from those who share its sustainability goals.

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Williams’ commitment to 2030 climate positivity rides on five pillars, says Capito. These include climate action to reduce carbon emissions for travel and at the team’s own Grove HQ; new moves to preserve the biodiversity of Williams’ 60-acre campus; sustainable innovation such as lifecycle management of racing cars; improving access to the sport for all; and showing a willingness to become the pace-setter in these areas and more. Williams is working towards its goals with specialist sustainability agency Enovation Consulting.  

“Formula 1 has the power to inspire millions across the world,” said Jost Capito. “As the pinnacle of so many advanced technologies, it can also create technical solutions to help tackle the challenges we face. My hope is that Williams Racing can inspire all those connected with our sport and beyond, using motorsport as a catalyst for significant and long-lasting change.

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si73 14 October 2021
Whilst I agree that Motorsport is an indulgence, there's no reason that their procedures and practices can not be more sustainable, so however badly or otherwise worded this appears to be, surely it's a good thing that they're doing anything at all to reduce their negative impact.
Cobnapint 13 October 2021
I've never heard such sxxt in all my life.
289 13 October 2021

....agreed Cobnapint.

You cannot take back the crap that you have pumped into the atmosphere wether it be in the race cars or the transportation/construction. You have still created unecessary pollution which ever way you try to spin it.

Motorsport should stop trying to justify its 'green' credentials (EV based or ICE), and just be honest. Its an indulgence.  Insulting the public's intelligence is counter productive.

Cobnapint 13 October 2021
I fully agree. They're fooling nobody.
Electrohead 13 October 2021

"Climate positive" is a meaningless phrase. More greenwash BS. Now if he'd said "Carbon Neutral" or "Carbon negative" that would actually have meant something.