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We analyse Conservative's transport policy; transport spokesperson's election pledge to the motorist

What has the Conservative party done in the past?

The Tories have traditionally pitched themselves as the motorist’s friend and the 1980s government famously praised the “great car economy”.

- Industrial policy attracted transplant car factories, which boosted Britain’s car industry.

- During their 18-year stretch in office in the ’80s and ’90s, the Tories encouraged motorway building and finished the M25 and M40. They also triggered the Birmingham Northern Relief toll road, which arrived 24 years later.

- But the support for roads created hardcore green opposition and violent protests marked the end of new m-ways.

- Then chancellor Ken Clarke introduced the fuel tax escalator and the Tories even proposed local road-charging schemes using windscreen-mounted smart cards.

- Speed cameras and speed humps were also introduced under the Conservatives, although they later said they regretted the way they had been deployed by some local councils.

- The Conservatives also decriminalised parking offences in 1991, sparking a massive rise in the number of fines issued by local councils, who see the application of ever-more obscure parking regulations as a cash cow.

Statement from Tory transport spokesperson Theresa Villiers

"A Conservative government will take action on the causes of unnecessary driving hassle by making the people who dig up our roads accountable for the congestion caused.

“We would give people the chance to campaign for the removal of excessive traffic lights and support innovation from local councils to get traffic flowing smoothly. We will also crack down on rogue clampers by regulating the industry.

“We would consult on a fair fuel stabiliser to cut fuel duty when oil prices rise. This will ensure families and businesses are less exposed to volatile oil markets.

“We say enough is enough to new fixed speed cameras. The government’s own studies show that they are not the best way of keeping our roads safe. So a Conservative government would not fund any new fixed speed cameras.

“We’ll also give the energy companies incentives to install charging points to help people switch to greener electric cars.”

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roadtester 6 May 2010

Re: Why vote Conservative?

VirginPower wrote:
However, the quote from RoadTester clearly demonstrates how dangerous a little bit of knowledge combined with a dollop of complacent and fervent sectarianism can be.

Hmm. I'm not sure how much fervent sectarianism there was in what I wrote - perhaps you should should have read your dictionary, rather than swallowing it, VirginPower - but your own post certainly confirms the dangers of possessing only a little knowledge.

Jon Hardcastle 5 May 2010

Re: Why vote Conservative?

I can't believe people are sucked in by Nick Clegg, all I've seen is schmoozing and smalm from him over the three debates (Yes I watched them all). Gordon seems totally lacking in any conviction in his on screen debates and in front of life long Labour voters and while I don't see eye to eye on all matters David Cameron seems to have a better grasp of what the voters want.

Rover P6 3500S 5 May 2010

Re: Why vote Conservative?

Cheltenhamshire wrote:

I hate all politicians ... they are all tossers. However some are big liars as well. My views are these:-

Tories - Toffs, but honest ... we will look after the rich, give little help to the poor and will screw the middle.

Labour - Champagne socialists ... i.e. hypocrites. We will look after the rich, rape the middle to raise a new class of 'poor' who are actually better off than the real working class who get screwed. Will also lie about everything.

Liberals - Combination of both of the above, i.e. potentially the worst of the lot because they have never actually been in power.

So on that basis if my vote actually mattered (surprise ... despite living in Gloucester 1.5 miles to the city centre, in the city limits ... paying my council tax to Gloucester City .... my MP is in Tewkesbury .... 12 miles away ... could it have anything to do with Labour seat Gloucester not wanting swing Tory voters in middle class Longlevens voting in this marginal and instead assigning us to true blue Tewkesbury .... surely not) I would vote Tory just to get rid of the lying Labour hypocritical parasites.

Typical reactionary nonsense, I'm afraid. I can certainly say that my Tory MP (who is actually a New Zealander, and a dentist by profession) is an extraordinarily hardworking person, works nightmarish hours for none-too-generous pay (when you consider that his salary also has to cover researchers, etc), and he was untouched by the expenses scandal (I think he had to pay back £110 because of a particularly draconian retrospective change in the rules). This is a very safe Tory seat, and with good reason. The neighbouring constituency of Guildford is much more marginal, but the MP there, Anne Milton, junior shadow minister for health, and herself a nurse in the NHS for 26 years, works herself ragged and, if I remember correctly, hasn't had to pay a penny back in expenses. She's certainly been dubbed an "expenses saint" by the papers... meanwhile, her Lib Dem predecessor, who is fighting the seat again, is not such a saint, nor as nice a person IMHO. She certainly hasn't got the people skills or on-the-ground experience that Anne Milton has. I know this much, that as long as Anne Milton is an MP (it might not be for much longer - the supposedly neutral Electoral Commission has shifted the boundaries, reducing her majority to just 89 votes!), the Tories won't neglect the poor or screw the middle. Her constituents are almost all lower-middle-class or working class.

Mind you, I think I agree with you on Labour. Hopeless incompetent idiots. At least the Lib Dems have Vince Cable and Ming Campbell on board, neither of whom is stupid, they're very astute - but I don't like Nick Clegg, I think he's shallow and two-dimensional.