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Vauxhall insists that its ‘lifetime warranty’ deal will continue, despite Opel scrapping the offer

Vauxhall insists that the ‘lifetime warranty’ it offers on its new cars will continue, despite sister firm Opel’s announcement last week that the deal will be withdrawn from the beginning of November. Opel confirmed that the offer, which has been in existence for just one year, will be replaced by an extended warranty that costs extra.

In a statement, Vauxhall UK said: “The Vauxhall lifetime warranty is one year old and is now an established Vauxhall brand value. It is important to Vauxhall customers and has a positive bearing on their purchase decision – Vauxhall has no intention to withdraw from its lifetime warranty.”

Last year, the warranty was criticised by German competition authorities for its misleading wording. Despite being called a ‘lifetime warranty,’ the deal carries a limit of 160,000km (100k miles in the UK).

At the time Reiner Muenker, executive board member of the Competition Centre, said: “The objectively incorrect claim of life-long warranty, which suggests an unbeatable advantage towards the competition, has no place in this advert.”

Vauxhall changed its advertising slogan to 'a warranty that could last a lifetime'.

Alex Kersten

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