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Chrysler Group suffers biggest loss

The Chrysler Group’s year-on-year US car sales figures for June were down 41.85 per cent, despite the firm’s restructuring as part of its emergence from bankruptcy proceedings.

It was a bleak month all round for the Detroit three, with GM’s sales down 33.6 per cent and Ford’s down 10.85 per cent. However, Ford’s figures were the best for any car group operating in the US by around 10 per cent.

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As individual brands, only Subaru and Volvo recorded year-on-year sales increases for June, with rises of 3.4 per cent and 0.59 per cent respectively.

Suzuki suffered the worst fall of any brand last month as its sales fell by 78.04 per cent having sold 2149 cars.

Porsche was the next worse performer as it sold just 902 cars, a fall of 65.96 per cent.

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Chrysler suffered the biggest drop in sales within the Chrysler group, with a drop of 49.3 per cent. In June 2008, it sold 27,128 cars but could only manage 13,753 one year later.

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