Scrappage helps boost sales in October
5 November 2009

The UK’s year-on-year new car sales were up 31.6 per cent in October, a rise contributed to the continued success of the country’s scrappage incentive scheme.

Official SMMT figures released today reveal that sales were up for the fourth consecutive month, with around one in five new cars being sold under scrappage.

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Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive, said scrappage had helped stabilise the UK car industry and customers were taking advantage of the scheme while they can.

“We have seen additional demand created by the extension of the scheme and customers wanting to avoid the VAT increase planned for January,” he said.

Private demand for new cars saw a sharp rise last month of 86 per cent, while Everitt said there had also been significant growth in the business and fleet sales sectors.

Year-to-date new car registrations are still down 12.3 per cent on last years levels, however, to 1,685,981 units.

German sales continue to rise

Elsewhere in Europe, German registrations were up 24 per cent in October despite the country having no scrappage scheme. Spanish sales were up 26.4 per cent, French sales were up 20.1 per cent and Italian sales saw a 15.69 per cent increase.

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5 November 2009

Fantastic News!

- said the Korean spokesman.

truly staggering:

Hyundai(with 100% owned Kia)'s UK market share is now almost 8%, up from less than 3% just 12 months ago. Hyundai is now the third largest brand in UK, after Ford and Vauxhall. Given Vauxhall's precipitous rate of decline(11% market share, down from 14% last year) Hyundai could soon be number two in UK. Well done to all the vested interests behind Scrappage Scheme in advancing Korea's development and prosperity further, at the expense of UK and Europe.

To put this into context Hyundai's share of Europe's largest single market, Germany, is only around 2.5-3%, even after their much larger scrappage scheme boosted the Korean company's sales markedly.

The 8% market share figure for Hyundai is reason alone to weep at these "record", "fantastic" figures, as no doubt the lamestream media will describe them.

It also gives the lie to Autocar's bullish statements on Vauxhall's new role at the centre of GM Europe, due to 'the sales success of Vauxhall compared to its poorer performing sister brand Opel' - I kid you not(see J.Rendell's blog for this jaw-dropping statement). To put it bluntly Vauxhall is in the sh*ttiest of sh*t right now, strangled by the appetite of UK buyers for Korean shopping boxes and no apparent brand loyalty to a at least nominally UK car brand.

5 November 2009

[quote Autocar]The UK’s year-on-year new car sales were up 31.6 per cent in October, a rise contributed to the continued success of the country’s scrappage incentive scheme.

I'm probably being thick here, but - looking at the figures in detail - I'm confused as to why the SMMT is reporting 186 Opel sales/registrations for October 2009. Opel?? Since when has GM been selling Opels in the UK? No other Opels were registered prior to October - so have I missed some big announcement and we're actually now seeing Opels on sale here in one form or another? Can anyone explain? Apologies if I'm missing something obvious...

6 November 2009

[quote Paul123]Since when has GM been selling Opels in the UK?[/quote]

In Ireland Vauxhalls are badged as Opels so I suspect these will be a small number of "persoanl imports" from the RoI into (mainly) Northern Ireland. A few years ago when it was worth doing personal imports it was not uncommon to see Opel Astras, Zafiras etc with UK plates. Indeed some of the car supermarkets - Trade Sales in Slough in particular - imported Opels not only from Ireland but also Cyprus and Malta (both RHD markets) and sold them as new in the UK, albeit that the spec was often different and they had less warranty than a UK sourced car

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