New ‘drive-in’ fitting room launched at dealership
11 April 2008

Chevrolet has come up with a unique way of helping its customers negotiate the lottery of buying a car simply because they like the way it looks.The world’s first drive-in fitting room will be launched at a South London dealer today. Buyers will be encouraged to “try on” the car they like before committing to a purchase they might otherwise have regretted.One wonders if there is any need for a test drive now that Chevrolet has given motorists the chance to drive their object of desire onto a plate, and rotate slowly in front of three giant mirrors.Nicky Hambleton-Jones, presenter of Channel 4’s makeover show 10 Years Younger, said, “You wouldn’t dream of buying a dress or suit without trying it on first so why should it be any different when it comes to buying a car? After all, you never know who might pull up next to you at the lights.”Chevrolet is convinced there is a wide demand for this trial feature. In an online survey of 1000 motorists, 72 per cent admitted using their car as a status symbol, but shockingly, 95 per cent revealed they have no idea of what they actually look like behind the wheel.Relaxing in the privacy of a curtained room, marvelling at the 360-degree view, prospective buyers of the Epica, Captiva, and even the Evanda might never again have to leave the forecourt so painfully unaware of how their image is being projected…

Nick Cackett

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13 April 2008

Good grief.

I can understand Chevrolet needing to employ desperate measures to pedal their wares in some markets, but this is ridiculous!

Given the bland styling of these vehicles, one wonders why the brand has used such a technique. Now their customers can see how ugly the Epica is from all angles!

If Chev really think their vehicles can compete on an aestehics front, put a new (or an old model for that matter) Mazda6 alongside the Epica in the showroom.

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