Currently reading: Toyota's US 'cosmic ray' inquiry
Federal investigators launch study into effect of cosmic rays

US federal regulators are reportedly studying whether the recent sudden acceleration issues in Toyotas are linked to 'cosmic rays'.

Radiation from space is known to regularly affected airplanes and spacecraft, triggering errors in computer systems.

The phenomenon can trigger software crashes, leaving no trace of a problem. Wheras radio waves can be blocked, cosmic rays cannot.

A Toyota official in the US said its engines were "robust against this type of interference".

Robert Cullen

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Twelfth Monkey 14 April 2010

Re: Toyota's US 'cosmic ray' inquiry

It's my Grandmother striking her furious wrath on muppets what I hate. Thasswattittiz.
never buy a clio 14 April 2010

Re: Toyota's US 'cosmic ray' inquiry

I was reading an article about car design, can't remember where but possibly a rival website where Chris Harris disappeared to after Autocar. They do test these things strangely, and apparently they're told as designers that your design will be responsible for deaths. This guy was working on an ECU that could be affected by radio waves (I think), that would then cause the car not to start should it stall. The designer then wondered what would happen if said person was on a level crossing, so then restarted his work..

The guy also said that car design is about the most difficult profession on Earth as you have to create a car that will do over 100,000 miles and not break, ride smoothly over horrendous surfaces, be capable of stopping and starting in temperatures varying from -50 to +50, keep occupants safe, be driven over both short and long distances, contain a highly flammable fluid AND, not cost too much to build or purchase!!

fuzzybear 14 April 2010

Re: Toyota's US 'cosmic ray' inquiry

Poor Toyota. It's like the producers of Dallas are now writing the script for the weekly Toyota sagas that unfold. If Toyota were a woman it would be Pam Ewing