iQ Collection and iQ for Sports seen at the Frankfurt motor show
21 September 2009

Toyota has shown off its new iQ Collection at the Frankfurt motor show.

The new concept model has been done as a design study to prove that “sub-100g/km motoring doesn’t have to be dull”.

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The iQ Collection’s changes are mainly to the interior, as the car’s pearlescent white colour is used on the centre console, door panels and instrument cluster.

It also gets a leather interior in the same shade, with the centre of the seats having a distinctive pattern. A full-glazed also features to make the cabin lighter.

Toyota also showed off the iQ for Sports concept at the show, which was originally known as the Scion iQ in the US.

It gets 18-inch alloy wheels, trapezoid central exhaust, body kit, LED headlights and illuminated door handles.

Inside, it gets bright green and grey seats and a 10-inch LCD screen with DVD playback.

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Toyota iQ

Is the Toyota IQ the small car revolution which its maker claims it is?

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21 September 2009

[quote Autocar]The new concept model has been done as a design study to prove that “sub-100g/km motoring doesn’t have to be dull”.[/quote] These are just the sort of options that should have been offered on the iQ right from the start. Producing a concept now, after the market has seen the car in the dull and boring range of colours that are available along with the unexciting interior, just makes it a more difficult task to make the iQ more appealling as an alternative to a MINI or Fiat 500. The iQ should have had a range of things like the glass roof and different inserts in the seats and colours for the dashboard as well as the dayglo green paint right from the start. The iQ is a clever little car but won't appeal to a younger customer base without the "come-on" attractions of some customisation like its rivals.

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21 September 2009

I see "Ordinary Bloke" doesn't think himself ordinary enough to keep an open mind about climate change. It's all a con to him. He'd rather concentrate on giving Toyota the benefit of his advice: The company ought to have had "dayglo" green paint as a choice from the iQ's inception. There's nothing like getting life's priorities in order.

21 September 2009

Driving around in a 99CO2 car and then giving it a leather interior seems slightly ridiculous if you are that bothered about your carbon footprint.

The price they charge for the IQ the glassroof and decent colours should have been standard from the start,

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