Top-spec Platinum model gets a range of luxury interior features
13 November 2009

Toyota has launched a new top-of-the-range version of its Aygo city car, the Platinum.

Based on the Aygo+ model, the Platinum receives a range of luxurious upgrades, including an Alcantara and leather interior and a new leather gearknob, while a new six-speaker audio system also features.

See the hi-res pics of the Toyota Aygo Platinum

Outside, it gets new 14-inch alloy wheels and all models come in Crystal Silver metallic paint. Power comes from Toyota’s 1.0-litre VVT-I petrol engine, which is mated to a five-speed manual ‘box.

Prices start at £8995 for the new model and it is available to order now. For an extra £380, the Aygo Xtra Protected pack is added, which includes rear parking sensors and rear protection mouldings.

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The Toyota Aygo promises Japanese reliability and French charm, but does it deliver?

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13 November 2009

Oh come on Toyota - if you're going to produce a "range topper" let's have it a little more adventerous that this!

1. Stick a little turbo on the 1.0. Doesn't need to be huge, but make the car a little faster and more exciting.

2. Find somewhere to pack in a little more sound insulation.

3. Stick on all the kit you just did, then add some lovely walnut grain veneer to the dash.

4. Stick a "Vanden Plus" on the back...

(I got a little carried away with 3 and 4... maybe just stick to 1 and 2. I'd love to see a "turbo" version of the aygo!)

13 November 2009

A response to our Hyundai i10 I see. The Hyundai i10 has chrome, and a Turbo variant in development. Toyota will not be able to compete with Hyundai Small premium cars in the long run. They Should actually give that job to Subaru, as Subaru is their near Luxury make.

Small Lexuses would be too expensive for young professionals.

13 November 2009

[quote HyundaiSmoke]A response to our Hyundai i10 I see. [/quote]. Yes, in the same way that Jeremy Clarkson's column is a response to the works of William Shakespeare. I realise that 'your' cars (are you the Korean boss?) aspire to be regarded in the same breath as Toyota, but they have some way to go yet. I see an i10 (that's the really narrow, blobby one with tiny wheels isn't it?) competing with the Perodua Kelisa and the Fiat Panda rather than the Aygo, add-on chrome or not. And no, I am not employed by Toyota, but I can tell the difference between a good, original piece of engineering, and a cheap wannabe.

13 November 2009

huh... this post is interesting...

killing-fights between Hyundai and Toyota...

still, I'm not employed both from Hyndai or Toyota but I enjoy to read: ..."original piece of engineering"

Yes it is! that`s why it cames in tree flavours: Citroën, Peugeot and Toyota

none of them, remarkable by their engeneering properties, just by their entrance fare ticket, if someone understands what i mean...

still, for the ones that do not need to breath brand new, a 2 years old Ford is the way to go, because in B-roads, there is no original pieces of engineering that can compete with the ovals...

take good rides...

13 November 2009

Coolboy the Aygo/C1/107 architecture is quite an impressive feat actually. It has requires limited body panels, and those few that are on there are easily detached for repair work. Quite a good idea for a city car. I know Smart came up with interchangeable panels first, but these are designed for repairability, not fashion.

13 November 2009

And they handle well, despite the low grip. The engines are willing and revvy and very economical (mine currently does 65mpg and the diesels can nudge 80mpg).

I think a luxury version is missing the point of the car slightly, but I'm sure it will sell, as I know quite a few affluent people who have downsized to this size car but want a bit of luxury and cosseting.

13 November 2009

They are actually thoroughly well engineered little cars - and ARE remarkable. When the cars arrived back in 2005, 109 g/km of CO2 and 60+ MPG from a small petrol engined car was pretty impressive, and still is. The i10 is a fine car too, if a tad shorter on character than the 107/Aygo/C1 trio. Funny why Toyota keep discontinuing and reintroducing the Platinum model though - it's already been and gone once! The Aygo, C1 and 107 were and are the REAL new Mini. They handle brilliantly and always put a smile on your face :-D

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

13 November 2009

[quote coolboy]breath brand new,[/quote] Eh?

13 November 2009

This is'nt really a "News Headline" as it's actually been out since the middle of June.

14 November 2009

A Ford, Handle well? How is that possible when Fords are known to slip slide in Snowstorms in the US? A Ford in the Ditch for Every Hyundai/KIA that passes by it, is my saying. Dont get your hopes up either as Ford would have to tack a premium to their cars that Americans wont pay to keep the same Euro driving characteristics for American sale. Plus, Euro Driving Characteristics and American Potholes dont mix.

If the Aygo was so good, then why does the more premium i10 outsell most if not all A-Segment cars in Europe. That car is a hit the Aygo is ok, but then again anything less than a B-Segment is not a true car.

Hey, if Toyota is so great in engineering then why are they in trouble by the US Government for Floor Mats, Acceleration, etc.......?

Better Yet, if Toyota is so Great in engineering then why arent they working on a Turbo for the Aygo like Hyundai is for the i10?

Even POS Fiat has a Turbo for the 500.

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