Currently reading: Toyota bids to regain confidence
Extended warranty or free servicing deals aim to boost customer appeal

Toyota customers can now choose between a five-year warranty or free three-year servicing plan on any new car, as the company bids to regain customer confidence following bad publicity from the 'throttle-gate' reliability affair.

Toyota Managing Director Miguel Fonseca said: “This great new programme not only represents superb value for our customers, it also gives them complete peace of mind around their choice of vehicle. It also underpins the principle of trouble free motoring characteristic of Toyota’s products.

"And with the choice of a longer warranty or free servicing for their new car, they can make a choice based on their personal priorities.

"Either offer will enable customers to experience the outstanding service provided by our network.”"

To qualify for the five-year warranty owners must have their cars serviced at an official Toyota service centre.

The free three-year service plan covers all routine servicing costs during the first three years of the car’s life.

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artill 29 March 2010

Re: Toyota bids to regain confidence

I think this is a lot of hot air. 3 years free servicing sounds good, but it doesnt save you much if you otherwise use a good independent garage. Equally the 5 year warrenty requires you to use them for servicing so again you pay for it. Furthermore, while you dealer is servicing your car he will replace brakes, and other bits that have worn out, at massively more than you would pay elsewhere

Surely the point to buying a Toyota is that they just work, and i must say from my own experience of them, they are every bit as reliable as their reputation suggests. I dont know what a warrenty for years 4 and 5 cost on a car, but i would rather they just reduced their prices by a few hundred quid.

Afterall if all you want is a car with a long warrenty wouldnt you just buy a Kia or Hyundai?

kdwilcox 29 March 2010

Re: Toyota bids to regain confidence

So Mini1 19 people are killed and its a media fiasco,also from

what i saw on tv the other night i am not that sure that Toyota

are that sorry.

The 5 year warranty and 3 years free servicing are the first

steps in the fight to win back customers ,will it work? we will

find out over the next few months.

jonfortwo 29 March 2010

Re: Toyota bids to regain confidence

Mini1 wrote:
They were clearly sorry about the whole thing

Not so sure about how sorry Toyota are really.

Having watched the "Total Recall" documentary on BBC 2 last week, not sure that sorry is enough. The conclusion is that there are more problems than just accelerator pedals sticking.

Five year warranties and three years servicing are just a very large company trying to regain lost ground.