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Russia will get its own version of the Top Gear TV show
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14 October 2008

Russia is set to get its own version of the Top Gear TV show, as enthusiasm for performance cars continues to rise in the country.

Russian broadcaster REN TV has confirmed that it has commissioned 15 episodes of a localised version of the show. A subtitled version of the British show has already become a cult hit in Russia.

Top Gear’s global expansion looks set to continue apace. The BBC has already licenced the show to both American and Australian broadcasters, with other deals likely to follow.

In the meantime, the hunt is presumably on for the Russian equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson.


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macaroni 15 October 2008

Re: ‘Top Gearski’ for Russia

I agree whole-heartedly with Greg1. I don't care how big the boot space is on the new so-and-so, or what the test track 0-60 time of the new whatsit it.

I do, however, rather like watching things like the Veyron/Eurofighter drag race.

Best programme on telly.

Greg1 15 October 2008

Re: ‘Top Gearski’ for Russia

Now hang on a minute folks - the fact that I can get the wife to watch the program (and enjoy it most of the time), says somethng about its broader appeal over and above a petrol head's. The filming they do is incredible and when you hook up the surround sound the audio of the mechanical soundtrack is amazing. Yes, it may not be as technical but then those of us who like cars don't only use Top Gear as reference material. The beauty is, you watch the programme already knowing the tech stuff which means you can enjoy the lighter hearted programme even more. My ribs hurt from laughter almost every episode; and let's face it they are constantly trumpeting for the motorist and have the clout because the program is so popular - anyone remember how nicely they portrayed "Fat Jag Prescott" ??

TegTypeR 14 October 2008

Re: ‘Top Gearski’ for Russia

Brooklands wrote:
Whilst i find Top Gear a very entertaining show, it always amazes me how i can watch a whole series and learn nothing about cars.

And that's why we read Autocar.

Top Gear isn't a motoring program, its a televisual lads mag. Its pure entertainment and that's why it pulls such large audiences. The fact it has cars on it is a bonus to be frank.

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