A number of Tesla Model S saloons have been recalled after a seat-latch fault was uncovered
19 June 2013

Tesla is recalling a number of Model S saloons after it uncovered a potential defect with a seat latch. The fault affects cars built between 10 May and 8 June 2013.

The Tesla Model S features a latch on the left-hand rear seat, which retains the seat in a crash, designed to be both bonded and welded to the body. Tesla said due to side alignment adjustments in the factory, the welded section was compromised and the welded section weakened. 

It said that either one of the fixings would be sufficient by itself and cars still at the factory have had the modification completed.

Tesla said it had not seen a weld become detached, neither had it received any complaints from customers or regulators. It will contact owners of affected vehicles, and arrange collection, rectification and delivery back to the customer.

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20 June 2013

Isn't it amazing that a car maker makes a recall for a fault as minor as a latch on the rear seat. Worse comes to worst it would cause its owners a minor inconvenience. But since its a known fault the car maker will pick the car and fix it too at its own cost?

On the other hand we have our own favourite and most mighty Volkswagen. A large number of their cars - across the group including Audis and Skodas - are known to have engine and gearbox faults that can be fatal - yet a recall remains out of question.

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