Swindon council is considering removing all speed cameras, claiming they don't improve road safety
15 July 2008

Swindon council is considering removing funding from its speed camera programme, claiming it may not be the best way to improve road safety.

Senior members of the council have voiced concerns over the use of revenue generated from speed cameras. The Conservative-run council fundamentally disagrees with the fact that fines are paid through central government, preventing the council from reinvesting the money directly into road safety schemes.

Council leader Roderick Bluh also claims that Government statistics may prove that speed cameras are not the best way to reduce accidents. Other council officials have criticised the use of mobile speed cameras, claiming that they are being used primarily to raise revenue.

There is, however, strong opposition to the proposal. Local Labour MP, Anne Snelgrove, has already launched a ‘Hands Off Our Speed Cameras’ campaign.

George Barrow

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16 July 2008

Wow, they noticed! Quick everyone, let's encourage the Swindon council to form a political party and stand at the next election. They may even be able to consider some sensible plans, like speed limits that are variable according to the conditions...


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