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Third-generation powertrain could find its way into Toyota's new FT-86 coupe

Subaru has launched a third-generation version of its innovative boxer petrol engine.

The new four-cylinder, direct-injection boxer unit is the first from Subaru's parent firm Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd in 21 years and will again be available in 2.0-litre and 2.5-litre forms. No official power figures have been quoted by Subaru, but economy in both displacements is improved by 10 per cent.

The improvements have been made by revising the bore and stroke dimensions for optimised combustion and the use of use of lightweight, low friction internal parts including pistons and connector rods. The engine will initially be launched Subaru’s Forester model, but will find its way into other Subarus as well as Toyota’s FT-86 coupe.

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The Subaru boxer engine is expected to be the FT-86’s core powertrain tuned to produce around 197bhp and will be mated to either a six-speed manual or CVT gearbox.

The engine is also tipped to form the basis of Subaru’s hybrid powertrain, previewed in the firm’s innovative Hybrid Tourer Concept. In this concept the engine was mated to two electric motors – a 10kw one at the front and a 20kw one at the rear - powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

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This hybrid powertrain is also said to be of interest to Toyota as it will offer a much more sporting driving experience for the rear-drive coupe, something its current hybrid powertrain cannot provide.

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Harry_Boy 19 October 2010

Re: Subaru's new boxer engine

Well, my STi 330S averages 18mpg, but I can increase that to 12.6 at a push... Fortunately, I love it...

IainStirling 24 September 2010

Re: Subaru's new boxer engine

ischiaragazzo wrote:
a Legacy wagon that rarely did better than 16 or 17 qaround town and never did better than 30 on a trip.

Goodness only knows how you managed to get it that low. Our current 2004 Legacy 2.5 tourer has averaged 29.1 mpg over the last 31,488 miles and four years. It does a lot of fairly short trips with some longer A class journeys - very little is on motorways. It is usually filled with kids and other junk. ;)

My 2006 Impreza WRX 2.5 has average 25.6 mpg (and is improving) over the last 12,118 miles and 9 months. It does 50 miles of commuting per day along A roads and through town. As Symanski says, their thirst has for years been exaggerated but today's announcement is belated recognition that they need to make changes to address that they are being left behind. And as cimardinius aludes to, the whole experience is more important than the frugality of the engine...

...but each to their own.

cimardinius 24 September 2010

Re: Subaru's new boxer engine

My experience of owning a Subaru (although a while ago) was that it far greater than the sum of its parts. And absolutely bulletproof.

I remember telling people that if you read the specifications of a Subaru (including fuel consumption) and compared the figures with a competitor, you would always go for the competitor.

But, if you actually owned a Subaru for more than a month, you would be really glad you chose it and wouldn't dream of swapping it.

I wish Subaru well with this new engine. I would currently own a Legacy if they had made a diesel automatic available.