Report says Saab is lining up BMW engine deal for new 9-3 and 9-2
11 June 2010

Saab could use BMW and Mini engines to power its next generation Saab 9-3 and new 92, according to Autocar sources.

Other unconfirmed reports also suggest that the deal between BMW and Saab could extend to Saab building its 9-2 on the Mini platform - something that would appeal to Mini as it attempts to increase volume and cut costs.

It's thought that as early as last summer Saab had its eye on the highly regarded 1.6-litre turbo petrol and turbodiesel units used in the Mini, and reports from Sweden now suggest the deal is done.

The company is keen on what it calls 'right-sized' engines, which it can modify using its extensive experience in turbocharging and engine management technology.

The sources now say that BMW and Saab have already signed an agreement for the Swedish company to buy in the new BMW-derived diesel and petrol engines that are set to make their debut in the forthcoming Mini Countryman.

If true, the deal could include the new 184bhp 1.6-litre, twin-scroll turbo Cooper S engine and the 112bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine used in the Countryman.

Indeed, a senior BMW source recently told Autocar that his company had "no problem" supplying engines to other car makers.

These engines are likely to be mated to the Countryman's new six-speed manual gearbox, which has the ability to accommodate a four-wheel drive system. Saab, however, would retain its own Haldex-based XWD system no matter who supplies the engines.

Saab is also likely to offer a dual-clutch gearbox in the 93, given that it has already developed one for GM.

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Ahead of these newly sourced engines, however, Saab is expected to launch a mildly refreshed version of the current 9-3 powered by a GM-sourced 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine.

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11 June 2010

Ah, well, that's going to flush out the lazy hacks who love to berate Saab for their reliance on GM technology! IF Saab apply a fraction of the ingenuity and expertise on the BMW engines as they have done with GM's over the years, these will be some cracking engines, to be fitted into truly Saab-y styled saloons, convertibles, sportswagons and of course, hatchbacks ;)

11 June 2010

thats good news! Plus the 9-2 on the MINI platform would make sense as well

11 June 2010

I'm not surprised, this is great news. This is what I said couple weeks ago in the article about the possibility of the 92 being made:

'Although unlikely it's not improbable it could share the MINI platform, BMW's fwd 1 series will more than likely put a stop for any platform sharing but they have to get as much use out of this platfrom to ensure a good return. Even though BMW are competitors they do have a slightly differing customer base.'

Both the MINI chassis and the their engines are modern units and if the reports are true then it will help SAAB to bring their new cars in quicker and give BMW a better return on the money it's put into the development of MINI. Now all it needs is for SAAB to put enough of their character and style in it to give it a clear distinction from the donor car.

11 June 2010

Good news for Saab as BMW have the best power/efficiency engines out there at the moment. I hope it's true as I would like as many companies making cars as possible and Saab needs to improve to survive. Life is far more interesting when there is choice.

Saab should now concentrate on making lighter cars than the recently commented on 95 and I'm sure it'll survive.

11 June 2010

Are not both the diesel engines and petrol used in the MINI actually Peugeot/Citroen/Ford engines?

I believe the 1.6 diesels are made in Sweden and Ford's Dagenham plant.[quote Rich_uk

11 June 2010

MINI R56 S valve train rattles, tining chain noise and renowned SAAB chassis issues = one car to be avoided at all costts, so ood luck to them

11 June 2010

Thats great news as BMW do great engines and yes the 1.6 diesel is an Engine that was co developed with Peugeot and BMW SO hopefully SAAB will but there own charateristics to it and it should be a great engine .

11 June 2010

the forthcoming MINI/BMW diesel is a downsized Beemer 2.0 diesel if I recall what was on here recently about the Countryman. Mini chassis and diesel engines in a SAAB clothes ticks a lot of boxes for me. I am not sure the current diesel in the MINI is related to the Ford engine although I do realise Ford/PSA have an engine sharing deal. IF it is then it would be good to see Ford use a higher output version in the Fester instead of the lame and tame version installed at present....

11 June 2010

[quote Roger Frost] renowned SAAB chassis issues[/quote]

? what renowned chassis issues (other than the fact GM forced then to use the Vectra platform)...?

12 June 2010

The 1.6 diesel in the Mini is indeed a result of the PSA/Ford joint venture, and hence is not BMW's to license to other manufacturers. If SAAB wanted it, they'd have to give Ford/PSA a call....

Surprised that AUTOCAR didn't know this....


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