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Mazda will make the next-gen version of its iconic sportscar smaller and lighter

The next Mazda MX-5 will be smaller and lighter than the current car in an attempt to replicate the spirit of the original, according to Mazda insiders.

The firm’s R&D team is working on making the new car as light and compact as the first MX-5, which was launched 20 years ago. A Mazda source described the current car as “just too heavy”; with a 2.0-litre engine its kerb weight is 1098kg, compared with the original’s 970kg.

So engineers are targeting a kerb weight of 1000kg. That would give the new car a figure similar to that of the recent 980kg MX-5 Superlight concept, the first of a series of design studies that will define the direction Mazda will take with the new car.

Much of this weight loss will be achieved through a smaller and lighter engine, likely to copy the original’s 1.6-litre capacity. “We are testing both 1.6 and 1.8-litre engines, which undercut our current 2.0-litre unit but deliver the same 160-170bhp power range,” said our source.

The dimensions of the car’s platform and wheelbase will stay much the same, but Mazda is known to be looking at reducing the front and rear overhangs.

Lightweight construction techniques will also be employed. Mazda is experimenting with using new steel construction methods that enable less metal to be used in its bodyshells. Mazda is also employing the chief engineer of the first MX-5, Takao Kijima, as a special advisor for the new car.

The new MX-5 is due to be unveiled in 2011, possibly at the next Tokyo motor show. Sources suggest that the price could come down, too, to reflect the newMX-5’s more simple appeal.

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TegTypeR 5 November 2009

Re: Next MX-5 to be lightweight

Excellent, new lighter weight! It's only taken the motor manufacturers around ten years to realise that power isn't all!

I hope this isn't going to be a turbo engine they use though - a supercharger would be much more in keeping for throttle response with the original concept. That said, I'd prefer it to be a high efficiency normally aspirated engine!

cimardinius 5 November 2009

Re: Next MX-5 to be lightweight

Sounds good! I wish there were more cars in this class. Fiat (Abarth) were mooted to be working on a new Barchetta. Now that they have a fantastic 1.4 engine (the turbocharged multiair), I hope they go ahead with it.

Old Toad 5 November 2009

Re: Next MX-5 to be lightweight

Hooray sounds like a brilliant policy. Lighter smaller better just hope they can do it and still comply with all the ever more stringent crash regs that seem to lumber us with larger lardier less responsive cars.