Speculation mounts that new Transport minister will come from the Liberal Democrats
11 May 2010

Speculation is mounting that the new Secretary of State for Transport will be appointed from within the ranks of the Liberal Democrat party.

However, while it has been announced that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have agreed a coalition, it has not yet been revealed who will act as cabinet ministers in the new government.

Despite this, both sides are reported to have tentatively agreed where the jobs will go, and unconfirmed reports suggest that the Liberal Democrats will head up transport, one of the key areas of the party's election manifesto.

Prior to the election, the Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Norman Baker said: "“We believe that maintaining the existing road network is essential and that sometimes there is a good economic case for building new roads locally. That is why we supported pledges to put more money into fixing potholes and would not cut the regional funding allocation for building strategic roads.

“However, we would require any new roads to meet strict economic and environmental criteria and are very wary of building huge new national motorways that can end up actually increasing traffic, cut through the green belt and damage the environment.

“We believe that motorists should be charged fairly for the use they make of the roads and in the longer term we want to move away from a system that taxes car ownership in favour of one that takes account of the use motorists make of the roads.

“And in the short term, we believe that fuel duty should be cut for remote, rural areas.”

The Liberal Democrats have never formed a government, but their attitude towards drivers is well reflected by Lib Dem local councils.

Most famously, the Lib Dem council in Richmond, south-west London, has introduced parking and resident permit charges based on CO2 emissions.

Zealous control of parking has been a Lib Dem favourite since the mid-2000s, when Islington council went on a de-parking rampage. It removed road-side parking spaces and hiked-up charges. Draconian enforcement ratcheted up the number of fines.

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11 May 2010

Oh, this better not be true; it's the last thing we need!

11 May 2010

[quote Dark Isle]Oh, this better not be true; it's the last thing we need!
[/quote] Whoever is in charge of transport they made sure Cameron gad a Jag to see Liz. I can't help thinking labour were a slur on Jaguar. They were supposed to stand for the poor and looked out of place -John 2 Jags Prescott - and then Brown talking Bigots as he drove away, not in a trusty old Mondeo, but in a entrepreneur's limo, somehow I found that offensive.

11 May 2010

I'm delighted that we have seen the back of Brown, Mandelsohn, Campbell and Balls but concerned that the LibDems will force through much anti-motorist measures despite what your article says. The LibDems' enthusiasm for so-called "green" idea and policies is a worrying trend and I just feel some relief that at least there is little or no money in the coffers for them to do anything too drastic. They ahve the right idea to move taxation aeay from raising money from just owning a car to the amount of useage. We shall just have to wait and see.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

11 May 2010

Fear not, when have the Conservatives ever allowed the working man to suffer?

  • If you want to know about a car, read a forum dedicated to it; that's a real 'long term test' . No manufacturer's warranty, no fleet managers servicing deals, no journalist's name to oil the wheels...

11 May 2010

Over the last few days the lib dems and conservatives seem to have been 'skewing' their policies to suit themselves and this deal between them, so what they do in government may bear little relation to what their election manifestos said. And, ultimately, each can blame the other for why they're having to 'amend' what they laid out before the election.

11 May 2010

Well now, what have the English got for their money?

A poorly educated Etonian, a product of a PR company, a sure sign of our times, shallow celebrity venerated. And he didn't make it under his own steam or charm. He needed another chump to open the door to Number 10. "I say, could do with a leg up, old man."

In comparison to that unelected politician, John Major, who at least got to bonk the bad egg of a failed politician, Edwina Curry, resplendent across his Prime Ministerial Chippendale desk, Cameron is a Hooray Henry who thinks Wales is the best role Clint Eastwood ever played.

We can look forward to Jaguar venerated as a great British company, Sir Bollywood Tata sent to the Lords to compose a British Constitution, the current one never actually put in writing, only whispered in the Commons Tea Room. "Gosh, after five hundred years history we just didn't get round to finding a pen!"

Aided by the Lib-Dems, "It's not easy being green", cars must surely get scrapped, (Scrappage Extreme Scheme) and all British citizens issued with a bicycle last seen in the thirties carrying hot Hovis bread to children employed as chimney sweeps.

Ah, England, your England.

12 May 2010

[quote Los Angeles]all British citizens issued with a bicycle last seen in the thirties [/quote]

No thanks. Will stick to my lightweight, bonded alloy framed hardtail mountain bike with 24 gears and Fat Boy, high-pressure slicks for road work. Doing a round trip of 32 miles to work and back on dry days. Have lost a stone since Chistmas, am fitter at 44 than I was at 24, saved a fortune on fuel and kept the milage down on my car.

Sticking everyone on a bike for a day or two every week wouldn't do then any harm.

12 May 2010

[quote tannedbaldhead] Will stick to my lightweight, bonded alloy framed hardtail mountain bike with 24 gears and Fat Boy, high-pressure slicks for road work.[/quote] Damn! Round one to you!

And you have painted lanes specially devoted to your bicycle clipped ankles. You have the advantage, sir!

12 May 2010

[quote Los Angeles]

And you have painted lanes specially devoted to your bicycle clipped ankles. You have the advantage, sir!


Better than that. I have a paved disused railway line through the Scottish countryside to ride through and as for bicycle clips....please........ Baggy shorts my good man, skater style (thought at 44 I might be getting a bit old for the look).

Not a complete bikey though. Any chance of the day being cold, wet or windy and I'm in the car.

12 May 2010

If the Lib Dems want to move to road pricing, then presumably the Conservative's will back it as it will help to cut the deficit..... oh dear....


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