Currently reading: More power, more mpg with new fuel

BP is promising a 10 per cent performance boost with its new range of fuels launched this week. Called Ultimate, the newly developed petrol and diesel fuel also promise efficiency and emissions benefits.

Tests resulted in better acceleration as a result of the fuel’s more efficient release of energy and higher octane rating. According to company claims anyone using it can ‘experience the rough equivalent of upgrading to a bigger capacity engine’.

Diesel drivers are also in line for refinement benefits. Clatter is said to be tamed by up to 15 per cent by using the new fuel. Ultimate also stakes its environmentally friendly credentials through reducing carbon monoxides and unburnt hydrocarbon emissions by ten per cent.

Ultimate fuel goes on sale at 400 BP outlets nationwide with unleaded costing 5p a litre more than BP’s standard fuel and a three pence per litre surcharge for diesel.

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