Manchester to lose £1.5bn worth of funding if C-charge is not implemented
17 November 2008

The government has tried to force through the controversial Manchester congestion charge by threatening to withhold £1.5 billion of funding from the city if the system is not implemented.

Geoff Hoon, the transport secretary, said central government would not make investments to improve trams, trains and buses in Manchester unless its population voted ‘yes’ to the congestion charge in a referendum next month. “There is no Plan B,” Hoon told The Times. “If the vote is ‘no’ there will be no central government funding. The rules are very clear.”

Fellow Labour MP Graham Stringer - who represents Manchester Blackley - accused Mr Hoon of “bullying” the charge through. “It shows how worried they are about losing,” said Blackley.

Many of Manchester’s residents are opposed to the scheme, which would require motorists to pay up to £5 a day to enter the city.

Cars would be fitted with a tag and beacon system in what is being seen as a smaller-scale trial for national road tolling.

Hoon also announced that this government would be increasing financial incentives for any city that looked to introduce road pricing.

Cambridge, Bristol and Leeds are all known to be considering schemes in a bid to secure central government funding.

Will Powell

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17 November 2008

So much for democracy!



It's all about the twisties........

17 November 2008

[quote TegTypeR]So much for democracy![/quote] Not very suprising though. This government is solely interested in ensuring that it controls all aspects of life and if it cannot persuade it will attempt to force the issues through in some other way. By withdrawing the offer of promised finance it is merely hoping to persuade Manchester councillors to ignore the wishes of the local electorate and it cares not if those councillors are not then re-elected after the event. Like every other socialist government before it, both here and abroad, this government is all about gaining control and power to itself.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

17 November 2008

I am truely speachless! i have to agree with TegTypeR, the death of democracy!

17 November 2008

So buff(H)oon strikes again. A dreadful former Minister of Defense!

Now he even eclipses that shameful performance with this negation of democracy.

Here's hoping the electorate in Manchester give him one big fat raspberry for his attempt to force through a highly controversial plan.

17 November 2008

Where is the carrot? There only seems to be a stick, £1.5 billion pounds will easily be swallowed up buy public private partnerships and civil servants, part of that money will go towards paying for the passes for the officials to ride around the city on the "public" transport and also the congestion charges for the officials cars. Is there any public transport in the UK? Thought it had all been privatised.

(Don't forget the Pankhurst's came from Manchester).

17 November 2008

This is truly appalling. How far can this country be pushed before it pushes back?

17 November 2008


17 November 2008

we finaly have the fall of our so called democracy!....what will be next!!!

17 November 2008

Some of us are fighting back


17 November 2008

I will be voting NO Other far more sensible options for funding the transport initiative need to be looked at. Congestion charging is not the answer to pay for a massive transport investment like this. Money needs to come a mixture of central government funding and local taxation for ALL residents not just motorists. People need to understand that congestion is actually falling in Manchester, but average road speeds are slowing ... let's understand why this is and fix it. But please let's not just put in a scheme whose sole purpose is to repay a £1.2 billion government loan. PS Anyone who tries to cite any environmental side benefits of a congestion scheme should bear in mind that one of the most polluted places in the country (in terms of air quality and PM10 particulate matter) is the Piccadilly bus station!!!!!!


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