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Electric car importer announces plans to build cars in London from 2010

A production line for electric cars could be set up in London by the end of 2010, if plans by import company evstores come to fruition.

The company currently imports electric vehicles from Italy, including the MyCar city car, Micro-Vett van, and e-max scooters.

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The two-seat MyCar costs from £9995, has a top speed of 40mph and a range of 35-60 miles depending on usage. They are sold through evstores's showroom in Mayfair, London.

Inspired by yesterday's announcement by the government that it will give subsidies to electric car buyers, evstores co-founder Julian Wilford has now announced plans to begin electric car manufacturing in London.

"It makes a lot of sense to assemble electric cars where they are sold and, of course, London is already a leading market for electric city cars," said Wilford.

"With the encouragement and vision of Boris Johnson we think that manufacturing in London may be a real opportunity. It will create much needed jobs and build new 'green' capabilities ahead of the Olympics in 2012."

Wilford maintains that it will be possible to set up a manufacturing facility in just over a year, and says his company has already evaluated potential sites.

"We're not talking about a process that needs high investment," he said. "We just need premises and to buy the equipment, which already has already been tooled. It's a very cost-effective way of building up a business."

Wilford says he is evaluating two potential makes of electric cars to build, but would not name them.

He also denied that the government's decision only to give electric car buyers financial incentives from 2011 would harm his business.

"The government announcement is about incentivising the mainstream manufacturers to produce electric cars," he said. "We believe that local incentives, such as free parking and Congestion Charge exemption, make a city car priced around £10,000 highly economic to run now."

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