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Cars powered by sewage and wine took part in Eco-Rally. Cars included Lotus Exige and Aston

A sewage-powered Volkswagen Beetle and a tri-fuel Lotus Exige that can run on wine were among the vehicles that took part in the Bridgestone Eco-Rally on Sunday.

Car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Volvo, Aston Martin, Lotus, Nissan, Ford, Tesla, Delta and Honda participated in the non-competitive event, which is essentially a convoy for low and zero-emission machines.

See a pic of the Bridgestone Eco-Rally

The aim of the Eco-Rally is to highlight pioneering, eco-friendly motoring technology. This year’s event started from Oxford and ended at The Mall in London, where a sustainable transport show was taking place.

Drivers taking part in the Eco-Rally included works Aston Martin Racing driver Darren Turner, who piloted a Cygnet city car, and actor Robert Llewellyn, who was at the wheel of a Delta E-4 Coupe electric prototype.

Steven Glaser, a spokesman for Eco-Rally organiser Revolve, said the event achieved its aim of highlighting low-emission technology: “Our research last year showed almost a quarter of people in the UK would not consider buying or driving an eco-friendly vehicle.“However, every year the technology moves on and the offering to consumers becomes ever more real. This year’s Eco-Rally broke new ground with even more inventive vehicles – including two, three, four and even six-wheelers.”

Other cars taking part in the event included a biodiesel Audi TT TDi, an electric Ford Transit and the Lightning GT electric supercar.

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