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Woman who walks on US highway is suing Google maps

A woman who was hit by a car after walking on a highway in Los Angeles is suing Google.

Lauren Rosenberg claims she looked up a walking route on Google Maps on her Blackberry on 19 January last year.

The directions she was given included walking on a highway that has no pavement, but instead of seeking an alternate route she walked in the middle of the highway.

She was hit by a car and is suing Google for medical expenses amounting to $100,000 (£68,000), and for punitive damages. Rosenberg is also suing the driver who hit her.

Her court filing claims Rosenberg "was and is a competent adult" and lays full blame on Google and the driver.

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meliadanny 21 November 2012

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FR3000 7 June 2010

Re: Google walk woman's legal action

Is this serious or is someone having a very large giraffe?! I'm surprised the guy driving the car isn't taking her to court for diminished responsibility and complete lack of common sense and further charge for being what appears to an idiot. How can anyone think that walking up the middle of the highway was a good idea, what would have happened if the map had said walk off a cliff, or walk into the sea?

Another perfect example of the worlds blame culture "It's someone elses fault...." etc When are people going to exercise some basic common sense and acknowledge at least some responsibility for their actions.

Talksteer 6 June 2010

Re: Google walk woman's legal action

Symanski wrote:

Autocar wrote:
A woman who was hit by a car after walking on a highway in Los Angeles is suing Google.

Another one of those daft stories that always seem to originate from the US!

Someone sued McDonalds because the coffee was served hot and when they had an accident they scalded themselves!

Winnebago now have to warn that cruise control only controls speed and not direction after one customer put it on and nipped back to make a coffee!

The McDonald's coffee one was ligit, the person in question received 6% third degree burns and stayed 8 days in hospital receiving skin grafts. McDonalds were aware that a large number of people had received significant burns from their coffee and had failed to carry out any corrective action. They failed in their duty of care to inform the customer that the coffee was potentially dangerous (significantly more dangerous than home brewed coffee with cold milk in it) or to supply it in a container that prevented spillage.

The Winnebago one is however an urban legend and never happened, see