Motoring groups hit out at tax rise
1 September 2009

Motorists will pay 2p a litre more for fuel from today, after the government increased taxes.

The move has been slated by opposition MPs and motoring groups, and is part of a series of five scheduled tax hikes - not all motoring related - to raise £10 billion between now and the general election, to help pay for public borrowing.

This 2p a litre hike was delayed from last year because of high oil prices. It will generate £1.3 million a day in additional revenue for the Treasury, according to the AA, and means that the taxman takes 65 per cent of the price of a litre of petrol.

An AA spokesman said: “Fuel is the biggest item on the family shopping list. Either they will have to siphon off other parts of their budget or they will have to reduce their petrol consumption. Neither is good for the prospects of recovery.”

The Conservatives said: “Family budgets are being squeezed yet further.”

The party is consulting on plans for a “fair fuel stabiliser” to replace the current fuel tax regime, so that tax falls when the price rises, and rises when petrol prices fall.

“This would protect the public finances from fluctuations in the international oil price and help families cope with rapid changes in the cost of living,” a spokesman said.

The car scrappage scheme is also scheduled to end before the next election, with the government already signalling that it won't extend the scheme.

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1 September 2009

So, yet again the government cock up and we pay (at least they are being honest this time and not dressing it up as some sort of "environment tax").

How long before we start seeing fuel strikes again? I think I could go with out driving for a week if it was going to cost them their extra £9.1 million!!! (actually it would hurt them more than that as this is only the extra that they are getting after the increases!!).



It's all about the twisties........

1 September 2009

With more fuel efficient vehicles on the road and people turning to other forms of transport for commuting, looks as if the government is achieving their goal in getting people out of cars. Unfortunately it's starting to look more like an own goal as taxing fuel will drive more people to cap their fuel consumption. Is this the start of a never ending cycle of increasing taxes to compensate for the decrease in usage?

1 September 2009

[quote WooDz]Is this the start of a never ending cycle of increasing taxes to compensate for the decrease in usage?[/quote]

Yes, but only in ten years time once they've paid off for completely fecking up the economy.

1 September 2009

Yet again the average motorist has to suffer with this price hike of an extra 2p. I don't believe that we the public should suffer because of some fat cat MPs messing everything up, its there fault and I believe they should all have there salary's cut back and other secret bonus's they get removed. This will strike fear into them, and might actually motivate them to do there job better!! The avergae working public suffer enough from the goverment in terms of VAT, tax on our salary's etc the list goes on. Looks like the days of joyous motoring are over, with the price increase I am driving to work scared to rev over 2000 rpm!!! incase i waste 0.3 mpg extra. I also do not drive my car anymore apart from going to work and 1 shopping trip. Owning a car is a headache now!!!!!!!!

1 September 2009

[quote moe360]they should all have there salary's cut back and other secret bonus's they get removed. This will strike fear into them, and might actually motivate them to do there job better!![/quote]

I'm not entirely sure that aribtarily reducing comp and bens from any person, MP or otherwise, would motivate them to do their job better!

Back on topic though, I agree with pretty much all the points. Given that most of the adult population are motorists the solution to this problem is to fight with your vote. By targetting this demographic, the goverment is effectively sticking their fingers up at majority of the population. Respond in kind by voting out NuLab. If that does not work I suggest some mass civil response, like everyone not touching their cars for a week. Depriving the treasury of millions and exposing just how flawed the public transport system is. Ofcourse this will never happen, because the majority in Britain are too weak willed to do anything about it. they just sit and take it, day after day. On an individual note, there are plenty of countries out there you could move to to escape. I did and ended up in a country with no direct tax and where fuel costs 20p a litre :)

Love the smell of a V8 in the morning.

1 September 2009

So that's roughly twelve pounds fifty a week increase for a rep on the road for fifty weeks a year, cut out the fags and going to the pub at the weekend, go out once a month, that'll cover some of the increase, a little pain to gain isn't so bad, we all want our wages to increase in ever larger amounts to cover the costs of living but that's just never going to happen and we all know that.There are lots of other areas that are ignored by us the public, 24 hour drinking, cheap alcohol on multi-buys at supermarkets, just two areas that if we all just cut back especially in a recession, then 2p on a litre of petrol wouldn't be so bad would it?.I don't remember whose statement this was(maybe some farsighted Professor)"the trouble with the human race IS the human race" by which i think he or she meant we all want everything and we want it now and on our terms, just doesn't work, does it?

Peter Cavellini.

1 September 2009

[quote moe360]fat cat MPs[/quote]

I can't take anyone seriously that uses the phrase "fat cat".

1 September 2009

[quote rosstopher] I can't take anyone seriously that uses the phrase "fat cat".[/quote]

Unless they are refering to Bagpuss, of course.

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