Graham Goode Racing package adds 40bhp and 72lb ft of torque
20 August 2009

Tuning specialist Graham Goode Racing has launched a 340bhp and 397lb ft Focus RS performance upgrade package.

The ‘RS 340’ engine tuning package for the latest generation Ford Focus RS works using an ECU conversion developed by Superchips, and requires no mechanical modifications.

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GGR says that the kit adds an addditional 40bhp and 72lb ft of torque to the standard car, producing power gains from 2750rpm through to 5600rpm.

The system comes with a 12 month/30,000 mile breakdown warranty and costs £435 plus VAT.

The system uses Superchips Bluefin hand-held unit, which allows users to store their standard ECU map for future use. It also enables a tuner to conduct further ECU remapping if additional mechanical modifications are carried out at a later date.

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