Currently reading: Ferrari investigating 458 fires
Firm releases official statement confirming it is looking into cases of its 458 catching fire

Ferrari is investigating several incidents relating to its new 458 Italia catching fire.

Several pictures have appeared on the internet of incidents of burnt-out Ferrari 458s, as well as models that have been involved in accidents.

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Ferrari has released an official statement saying it “takes any incident involving one of its vehicles very seriously”.

“The company is currently investigating the particular incidents in which cars have apparently been involved in a vehicle fire, and it is currently treating these as separate incidents,” the statement continued.

“Until these investigations are complete, Ferrari is unable to provide any further comment.”

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tomisdadude 29 August 2010

Re: Ferrari investigating 458 fires

i thought ferrari tested there engines to destruction point by reving the nuts off them until they go bang on the track ive seen them to that 2 a ferrari 612 (not a bad loss in my opinion the less attractive ferrari).

I can imagine 458 sales will drop till this is sorted but I hope ferrari fix it soon because its the only ferrari I would buy eventhough I hate ferrari as a company (thats thanks to the dealers and the f1 team).

the dealers are so much up there own arses in my opinion they do not care until they smell money they did this to my dad because they did not care until they realised he has an aston martin DBS

mfe 28 August 2010

Re: Ferrari investigating 458 fires

I love this car ! I don't care if it burns , it's still on my list of cars I would buy if I won the lottery :-)

Los Angeles 28 August 2010

Re: Ferrari investigating 458 fires

VirginPower wrote:
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